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Source: Angeleses
Source: Angeleses

Did you know that with only your computer or smartphone, you can earn money by simply testing products at home? It's quite unfortunate that most people have never heard about getting paid to do website tests, mobile tests, product tests and more.

Also, people seldom believe that it's possible to make money at home this way. You must be pondering why in the world should someone pay you to use-test products?

Well, the answer is simple; it's a strategy by companies and manufacturers to improve the value of their existing products in order to up their sales. Sometimes they also want to get their new or upgraded products into the market in a way that attracts consumers.

Having someone test and review a product helps the company to discover customer experience and improve the product if necessary. It helps customers to like the product if the tester's review attracts them.

Source: mohamed_hassan
Source: mohamed_hassan

The Company Pays You For Testing Products

When did you last hear that a company is paying people to use their products for free? We are living in a new business era, and companies are doing the unthinkable as a business strategy to sell more of their products.

If you could move back in time to tell people that you can now get paid to use products for free, they would never believe you. Even most people around don't also believe it.

The thing is, the paid-to-test idea is here to stay. You only need to join the other free product testers to earn as much income as you can. The process is simple! You just test the free stuff you're given as per the instructions and get paid to write the feedback and reviews.

How Do You Start?

You can start by taking part in the frequent surveys popping up on your websites. These pop-ups are usually from the same companies that manage these mechanisms for paid product testing.

The companies' selection doesn't fall on you because they prefer random participants with differences in many levels. So, that's why you don't get selected to be a tester for such paid merchandise tests. It's from the database of the companies which shows the frequent participants of online surveys questionnaires, sweepstakes and opinion polls that they pick these testers.

Besides, the review companies also serve other companies that need people to test and give feedback on their services or products. This involves genuine responses delivered severally.

Since you're getting paid to test these products or services, your feedback and reviews must be candid. And that's exactly what the company is expecting from you. They pay you because they need authentic reviews from you and you better give them what they want.

Source: mohamed_hassan
Source: mohamed_hassan

What Are The Benefits?

Apart from being a fun exercise that puts money in your pocket, you're also enjoying using the product for free and being a proud participant in an amazing study. It's a wonderful system worth appreciating.

Note that, it's easy to find people who will misconstrue it as too good to be true and therefore label it a fraudulent system. The reality is, most people don't believe that there exist any system that can get people paid to test company products and /or services. That attitude is very common with many people when they hear about new and uncommon opportunities.

Is't User-Friendly?

Generally, this method is user-friendly, and therefore everyone with a computer or mobile phone can participate in it. It doesn't require any professional-level skills. When informed to make available products for testing, they will send an experimental product for you to test for about one to two weeks or more.

Along with the paid-to-test product or app would be instructional materials that contain detail information about how to use the said product. Besides, there would be instructions and questions that give directions on what the focus of the review should be.

Note that you'll most likely be instructed to return the tested and reviewed product sample to the company or manufacturer and the end of the activity to facilitate the payment of your compensation.

Source: MacMonkey
Source: MacMonkey

How To Test Products?

The questions testers are given to use in the testing process differ based on the nature of the specific merchandise being tested. Let's take, for instance, a cosmetic product; the company would ask its testers to concentrate on some other areas such as quality, fragrance and suitability for different skin tones.

Note that following instructions with diligence from the most important to the least one are a serious requirement. When it comes to returning merchandise as instructed, send them back to the company with no sign of unwillingness.

Be cautious and focused. Remember that you may not receive any payment if you fail to return any sample product after going through the test.

Source: mohamed_hassan
Source: mohamed_hassan

Check Out a Couple of Examples

  • You receive existing or newly manufactured free products from companies or manufacturers to test at home. You're given one, two or more weeks for the exercise. The package they send you includes an email containing details on how to review your experience using the product, website or app. When you finish the exercise and send them the feedback and reviews, they will waste no time delivering your check.
  • Since website owners want to know the experience their customers will have while on their website, they pay you to use their site as a customer while they watch. This helps them to improve the functionality of their website features. You would have to provide written answers to four questions regarding your experience on the site.
  • Your pay will come from other services such as mobile app installations and simple field tasks on and offline. They include mystery shopping, item delivery, mobile app testing, photo shooting and many others.


Is getting paid to test products or applications at home an activity you would like to venture into for the easy extra money?

To become a product tester, you just have to register with a couple of testing or marketing research companies. Then, they will connect you to companies and manufacturers who will send you products or applications to test for specific studies whenever the products are available.


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