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From Chris Sims
FunkyWatch: February's Most Depressing 'Funky Winkerbean' And 'Crankshaft' Strips

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If I had an AOL account or whatever they're asking for a login there, I'd have added the meta-depressing revelation from Tom Batiuk's horrible, horrible and completely wrongly done blog (do a text search for ``Mar 14, 2012'' because his wrongly done blog is ... you'll see):

Principal Stroke Victim got this tragic backstory of a divorced and embittered wife and estranged daughter because while preparing the Complete Funky Winkerbean Tom Batiuk discovered there were strips in the early 70s where the principal talked about his wife. He'd completely forgot them when he Batiuked up a new marriage (and read the horrible entry for that story), so, rather than leave unexplained the disappearance of Principal Victim's first wife, he hastily assembled a fresh tale of woe and sadness.

I hope you don't mind, I posted over on Comics Alliance about this, and credited you.

Batiuk has problems.

Don't mind at all! I hope the crowd there appreciates how this slice of story isn't just dismal but metatextually dismal. It's something we'd say to make fun of him, only it really happened.

I think Chris Sims probably will appreciate it, if he reads comments, and knowing how CA comments go he may not. I wouldn't blame him.

Batiuk and Brooke McEldowny are both excellent examples of artists who go so bonkers that I'm half convinced they're deliberately baiting their critics.

I'm wondering when the characters in these strips are going to resort to cannabilism.


I guess starting out with black humor about high school was Batiuk's big mistake. After graduation, maintaining that level of morbid angst requires the kind of attitude few writers have managed since that funny little social club stopped meeting at Howie Lovecraft's place.

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