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New to me
Ever wonder how it was back before the Southern Strategy, when the hard-core racist Dixiecrats were still Democrats, the Republican Party managed to lose the Black vote? And by "managed to lose", I mean "actively drove off".

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My intuition has been trained by decades of watching US politics to tell me that those tactics always work.

Kind of struggling with that one myself. Of course, I lived in Texas from 1982-2000, the first 18 years of my voting life, so my perceptions may have been skewed by that experience.

I think it's all about Republican message control, and (for the first time in my political lifetime) the increasing lack thereof.

I think it's mostly about there being more non-white Americans, myself. White people seem to go for coded racial appeals almost as much as they always did.

...though I guess it probably takes more explanation than that, because whiteness is itself a socially constructed category. Time was, you could set downtrodden immigrant populations against black Americans, and eventually assimilate them into whiteness to keep the white population up and use the same rhetoric as before.

For some reason, that doesn't seem to be working lately with Latino and Asian immigrants, and, for that matter, it didn't work all that well with Jews either, even though they do usually get the "white" label. Maybe it's information tech, as keithmm said. The Republicans actually had a lot of success with Arab-Americans in 2000 but screwed the pooch completely after 9/11.

Speaking as an umpteenth generation white American of pretty much 100% WASP descent, I never even noticed most of the coded racial appeals until I started getting intensely critical of politics, but then (a) I've been a dyed-in-the-wool liberal since my early teen years and (b) I'm remarkably dense about right wing messaging -- it took me forever to figure out that "If guns are outlaws, only outlaws will have guns" wasn't a *pro*-gun control message. So, yeah. As you say. took me forever to figure out that "If guns are outlaws, only outlaws will have guns" wasn't a *pro*-gun control message.

Ha! Similarly, it took ME forever to figure out that "There are no atheists in foxholes!" was supposed to be some sort of slur against non-belief.

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