09:49 am: The Young City (The Unwritten Books, book 3) by James Bow
11:33 pm: Good news!
10:19 am: Cold-Forged Flame (Varekai, book 1) by Marie Brennan
10:34 am: Texas turns down tangible aid in favour of prayers.  1 comment
11:28 am: Managua post-1972
11:33 am: Virulent racists back on duty
11:36 am: Water not necessarily impossible on TRAPPIST 1 planets
10:02 am: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip
11:55 am: Innovative....
10:57 pm: About my site
10:34 am: Books Received, August 26 - Sept 1
10:31 pm: What was the title of  2 comments
07:33 am: Sungrazer (Outriders, book 2) by Jay Posey
11:47 am: Dendera by Yuya Sato
10:48 am: Twenty Core Cyberpunk Works Every True SF Fan Should Have on Their Shelves
11:24 am: This I believe
10:50 am: Flesh Failure by Sèphera Girón
12:01 pm: I guess Scalzi was right
04:19 pm: Today I learned
07:58 pm: Dr. Jerry E. Pournelle 1933-2017
11:02 am: The Murders of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson
04:27 pm: What was your first word processor?  3 comments
10:15 am: Restoree by Anne McCaffrey
06:06 pm: Len Wein (1948 - 2017)
10:02 am: Books Received, Sept 2 - 8
12:03 pm: A very tentative schedule for Fridays in 2018
08:20 pm: As you wish, so shall it be
09:44 pm: Genuinely surprised
10:01 am: Provenance by Ann Leckie  1 comment
12:14 pm: Baffled
06:13 pm: On the whole
10:05 am: Fullmetal Alchemist (3-in-1 Edition), Volumes 13–15 (Fullmetal Alchemist, book 5) by Hiromu Arakawa
09:25 pm: The feeling when
10:16 pm: Young People Read Old SFF: Allamagoosa by Eric Frank Russell
08:21 pm: Well, that was a long day
08:53 pm: Dining Out: Latin flavours and friendly service in abundance at Genesis in Cambridge
08:56 pm: Cassini enters final day
09:23 am: Exit Cassini
09:59 am: The Riverbed of the World by B. C. Holmes
08:45 am: Lightning in the Blood (Books of the Varekai, book 2) by Marie Brennan
09:01 am: because I care
12:53 pm: Work understands me :D
09:43 pm: Dave E. Romm (1955 - 2017)
09:51 am: Whipping Star (ConSentiency, book 1) by Frank Herbert
09:01 pm: A Mystery!
09:35 am: Books Received, Sept 9 - 15
12:19 pm: I will follow this advice
12:45 am: Bundle of Holding: Lamentations +2
10:17 am: Power Ballad by Molly Brooks
04:34 pm: The key to getting an elderly cat out from under a couch
12:22 am: What if Cope and Marsh hadn't been limited to 19th century technology
01:07 am: Using only the Brat Pack
09:44 am: Stratagem (Legend of the Galactic Heroes, book 4) by Yoshiki Tanaka
10:45 am: Book Launch
09:29 am: Twenty Core SF Works About Psionics and Awesome Mind Powers Every True SF Fan Should Have
10:53 pm: iPods
04:36 pm: Beasts of New York by Jon Evans
11:26 am: Thanks to the first step in every review
10:10 am: The Tripods Trilogy by John Christopher
10:14 am: 2017: The Puppies Notice The Michelist Futurians
04:45 pm: I am taking care of someone's cats  1 comment
04:57 pm: A leaf
11:59 pm: I would have thought lawful  1 comment
10:13 am: Books Received, Sept 16 - 22
10:25 am: The High Couch of Silistra (Silistra Quartet, book 1) Janet E. Morris
10:07 pm: Guess who has two thumbs
09:37 am: Exo by Fonda Lee
07:23 pm: Bundle of Holding: Maelstrom!
09:48 pm: (no subject)
11:14 pm: Local news
09:40 am: Kubikiri Cycle (Zaregoto, book 1) by NisiOsiN
10:22 am: Huzzah!
01:03 pm: Question
04:17 pm: Another Bundle of Holding: Over the Edge
08:55 pm: Young People Read Old SFF: The Ugly Chickens by Howard Waldrop
10:25 am: The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli
05:32 pm: Adventures in pet sitting  1 comment
12:56 pm: Stoneskin (Deep Witch, Book 0) K. B. Spangler
04:39 pm: September 2017 in review
05:05 pm: This is unacceptable

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