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Freepers find sudden ethusiasm for Bush's impeachment
Why, you ask?

Key senators in both parties and the White House announced agreement Thursday on an immigration overhaul that would grant quick legal status to millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S. and fortify the border.

The comments are very illuminating. This would appear to be Don Larsen's core constituency.

Nicked from Wonkette.

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I had to stop reading immeadiately at "Get rid of the idea of being born here makes a person a citizen." Stateless persons, what a marvelous idea!

That means that you missed the people vowing never to vote for him again. Now, it's possible that they mean "if he runs for an office other than President" but...

Yes, I liked that too.

Some of the comments seem to indicate that the issue of immigration reform has made them reconsider their support of the war in Iraq.

The phrase involving blind pigs and acorns comes to mind.

Freepers' core ideology seems to be nationalist hatred. Support killing, deporting or otherwise harming non-Americans and they'll follow you anywhere. Support being generous--or even realistic--towards people outside of God's Elect (otherwise known as Americans) and they'll follow you nowhere.

Proving that Freepers, like stopped clocks can be right on occasion.

I don't think that they are right, actually. At best they might be exploitable in the short run but using them may involve making concessions to their wingnuttery.

A fair concern. The end result...well, it's hazardous over the long haul.

Sooo... waging a pointless war of aggression, using lies and faked evidence for casus belli is okay, but trying to solve the immigration issues in a way that doesn't involve barbed-wire fences, snazzy uniforms and wholesale deportations is bad?

Ugly people with ugly souls.

-- Wakboth

I am reading with great amusement. If we'd only known this would have *that* reaction, we should have pushed harder for immigration reform during Bush's *first* term.

To: spectre

Thanks to my Grandparents, I have the option of emigrating to Ireland. An option that looks great after today.

65 posted on 05/17/2007 12:35:31 PM PDT by AU72

Isn't he glad that Ireland isn't taking the same view of immigration he is, then?

I can't stop giggling.

Can someone remind me what obligations regarding free movement of population membership in the EU brings?

I'll be particularly interested to see what happens if he tries to use his right of freedom to move within the EU to move to England -- particularly somewhere like Bradford...

Always amused me that at my last place of employment here in sunny California, of the two of us born in the UK and with English RP accents, the one who was actually born in England was the Kentishwoman with an ethnic origin on the Indian sub-continent.

... you're not the only one. He can't bear the thought of Mexicans, whatever will he think of the other types of darkies? And what will become of him the first time he forgets he's not in the States and lets his deeply-held convictions show? They're not a Christian nation over there, y'know.

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