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no, no, it's fine.

see, there will be a peter parker figure, where he's sitting at a desk. and then you can take away the washtub, and scoot the figures together, and mj's hands will rest nicely on his lap. and then her expression will be perfect for "yes, i *am* giving spiderman a blow job; don't you wish you were too?"

I hate you. You made me think of this.

She's already got the pearl necklace....

Ah well. I'll just keep buying my yaoi manga anywhere except a comic shop.

Good god, that's horrid.

Well it's more of a collectible statuette than an action figure, but still

::headesk headesk headesk::

I remember waaaay back 1990 when Grenadier brought out'Fantastic Females of an Ancient World'. They were so much what they were at least one distributor had female staff threaten to quit rather than handle them.

Say, my review of them survived.

I question their definition of "heavy armored infantry."

I suspect that would be in comparison to their definition of "lightly armoured".

You might also want to view the discussion over at medie's LJ, because someone found a link to a DC figure of Paris Hilton Supergirl that is all KINDS of special.

Well, that's one of the dumbest things I've heard of lately. How old are those guys? Six?

Now let's forget our troubles with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.

Is it fair to use the term "third artist syndrome" with regard to the US superhero comic industry? Aren't they at *least* at fifth generation by now?

Would someone tracing porn technically count as "second artist"? If so, a figurine derived thereto would be third artist.

Would someone tracing porn technically count as "second artist"?

Greg Land, "Second Artist".

I like the sound of that.

As always, the comments thread is incredibly depressing: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/behindtheshow/?page_id=2816

Although this comment has a certain something about it:
Here’s one fine lovely lady that won’t reject me.

I haven't looked but apparently comments complaining about it are being deleted from the sideshow forums.

Hmm, yes, I see that a post I saw earlier is gone now.

There are still some posts complaining that she isn't a superhero, and some posts complaining about the artistry, which makes me wonder if only complaints about sexism/offensiveness are being redacted ...

Well, it gives you a good idea of their target market...

I'm thinking that the Japanese pegged the target audience earlier, as I recall ads of saucy figures back in the early 90s. Applying the "third artist" motif, perhaps we might have: first artist = manga, second artist = anime adaptation, third artist = model kit sexploitation. Cf. google images for "anime resin".

The full image gallery shows that the artist clearly had the buttsex in mind but the figure was put in a more taunting, considerably less stable, pose instead.

This is marketing material for the Spider-Man Tijuana bible, right?


Never mind sexism, that thing is *ugly*.

Besides, since it seems to have no moving parts anywhatsoever, how come it is called an *action* figure instead of a statuette or something?

-- Wakboth

Tenuous grasp of anatomy is tenuous. Or something.

Someone needs their foreskin stapled shut.

Unfortunately, there is the possibility that they might enjoy it.

(Why yes, I *do* have a copy of The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices.

I think tha, in all our sanctimony we are forgetting that this figurine is really, really funny. In 20 years, this could have the cultural significance of a lamp in the shape of a woman's leg in stockings. It's just that cheesy.

I think tha, = I think that

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