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Adventures in pet sitting
I've been dropping by to feed someone's cats while they are on vacation. Three of them are friendly but the fourth one has been making a point of avoiding me since I petted it while it was in its hiding closet.

Today I was petting the other three when something nudged my leg. I absently petted it, then realized I could see the other three. Looked down to see a happy cat who on actually seeing my face scuttled off to hide under a chair and stare at me with giant cocaine eyes until I left. I think it thought I was someone else.

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I house sat for a friend

Who had an Italian Greyhound and several cats for a week. The dog was very small, she was the only one who could walk it without it freaking out, so she left pee pads out for it.

The cats were extremely happy to see me every day and came up for pettins' and love as well as the fact I'd leave food and check the robo-litterbox to make sure it was stocked with litter, not too full, etc.

I considered myself lucky to catch a glimpse of the dog's quivering muzzle under some sort of cover like the dining room table. At least he used his pee pads appropriately.

As opposed to a two-week babysitting (for human children) where the cat got mad at me and spent the whole two weeks parking his butt on the outside edge of the litterbox and pooping out onto the floor. (Using it as a toilet seat.)

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