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David Barnett's Let's just say it: George RR Martin needs to get on with The Winds of Winter
Instead of fuming about books that may never come out why not try The Last Dangerous Vision, The Universal Pantograph or Irontown Blues?

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Oh great. Now we can cue another round of fandom and authors clutching their pearls over the notion that an author who has made millions from an unfinished story might have obligations to their readers. Not that I think throwing around words like "duty" is in any way productive or likely to achieve anything, but the idea that Martin is in the wrong here shouldn't be so controversial.

But look, either way: Martin is never going to finish this series. This has been plainly obvious for at least five, if not ten, years. The thing that most annoys me about articles like this is that they persist in the fantasy that there's still some question here.

What one does wonder is how much money he owes to Random House and whether they will start collecting at some point? Unless -- which is possible -- he hasn't collected any advance for the books he hasn't and will not ever write. All of the other books have certainly far more than earned out, and -- hmm -- one wonders if Random House got any cut of the fees paid out to make the television series. That too is possible, judging by contracts I've seen in other cases -- but many years ago -- when I was still working at Penguin USA -- which now also includes Random House and everything they swallowed.

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