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Which leaves no GOH

Odyssey Con regrets to announce that Christopher Mihm, Tad Williams, and Monica Valentinelli have decided that they are unable to attend Odyssey Con 17. We respect their decisions, and wish them all the best.

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Huh. So, they're willing to lose all their guests of honor rather than banning that one guy?


I don't know about "banning" versus "self-banned", but the page says "James Frenkel will not be attending Odyssey Con 2017. Mr. Frenkel is no longer associated with Odyssey Con in any way."

Not a defense: I'm sure this all came as a b it of a shock. This sort of thing didn't used to be talked about in public, and I expect that they honestly didn't think that Frenkel would be an issue, then they didn't expect Monica to absent herself, didn't expect it to go public, and I expect that they were really, really surprised when the two male guest of honor also withdrew in solidarity (and go, them!) (also, go, Monica!).

There's been a real change in the last ten years, possibly in the last five. And they haven't caught up. I'm pretty sure they never thought, "Oh, we'd totally rather be exposed to public humiliation and have our guests quit rather than ban Frenkel." In point of fact, I'm pretty sure they didn't think at all.


I have, very happily, been seeing this more and more: people aren't willing to put up with shit and make it quite clear they aren't happy unless shit changes, and there's stunned realization by others who didn't realize that they were either oblivious or okay with shit going on, and know they're being called on it.

Still, after all the furor over Frenkel and Wiscon just three or four years ago, you'd think they'd have at least thought twice before giving him any sort of official role. Failing that, the dubiousness of trying to brazen it out with "There, there, we've never seen him do anything offensive, so it must be just a bunch of overblown rumors" once one guest of honor objected to his presence should have been far more apparent to them than it obviously was.

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