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It was, however, a complete surprise. I am told the expression on my face when it came out was "deer in the headlights."

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Googling "cat cube" results in a surprising number of icosahedrons. But someone did build a Cat-panion Cube, for what must have seemed good reasons.

Happy belated birthday!

Thank you to whoever took the photo: perfect. :)

Happy Birthday!

Hopefully it was delicious and moist! Happy birthday.

at least being hit with a cake is far easier on the body... grin.

"Well, that bled less than I expected."

A birthday cake that bleeds raspberry sauce when you cut into it seems like it might be the perfect Nicoll Event.

It occurs to me that I completely skipped over the "happy birthday" part on the last thread. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday from the far side to the world.

I thought "deer in the headlights" was your resting face!

"Happy birthday, deer James..."

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