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New CPAP Night Two

Better sleep despite only sleeping for six hours.


Bedroom seems to be something of a Faraday cage.

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how do you feel during the day, and how much sleep do you normally get?

There is a chance that you would normally only sleep for six hours, provided that it was a good sleep.

What led me to look into getting a CPAP was finding that I felt like crap even if I got eight hours of sleep.

The reason I did the sleep study was that anesthesiologists were recommending it urgently based on my blood oxygen levels dropping drastically when sedated for surgery. The convincing aspect of the sleep study was that I desaturated every 45 seconds during it. That's what keeps me using the machine despite not really adjusting to it and not sleeping super well with it. Oxygen levels seem more important than a dry mouth!

But I wish I could report better sleep like other people get!

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