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SFWA Announces 2016 Nebula, Norton, and Bradbury Award Nominees!
SFWA Announces 2016 Nebula, Norton, and Bradbury Award Nominees!

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Interesting selections. I've read 3 of the novellas (by Kij Johnson, Seanan McGuire, & Kai Ashante Wilson) and I disliked Wilson's but loved the other 2 and would have a difficult time choosing between them.

For novels, I've read everything except Borderline, which I'm meaning to read, and The Obelisk Gate which falls into the too large category of works too grim for me to have any interest in reading. Anders' novel shows promise and I liked it, but it was notably unpolished, and while I also enjoyed Everfair, it was a bit bloodless. OTOH, Ninefox Gambit was excellent.

Also, I both hope and suspect Arrival will win, while several of its competitors were pretty good, Arrival was better.

No rooting favorite in the written categories as have read none of them yet and some of them will probably read never, but in the Bradbury, I loved loved loved loved both Westworld and The Arrival.

Personally pulling for Westworld because I love it so much but Arrival is a great film, probably one of my three favorite to come out this decade (along w/Winter's Bone and Beasts of the Southern Wild)

List's been updated since this: Cat Rambo's piece was too short to qualify for a novelette, and she withdrew it from competition for the short story, as it would've bumped three other tied titles off the list...

Perhaps this is a reading comprehension failure, but why are some entries in boldface and others are not?

ETA: The non-bolded ones are instead in quotation marks.

Perhaps the bolded ones were published as standalones, and the quoted ones were published as part of larger works?

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I was just so very bored by All The Birds in the Sky. I didn't finish it, neither did my co-workers. I ended up shelving it in fiction, rather than SF, because it seemed to be more of a read for people who liked The Magicians, etc. Pretty cover, though,.

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