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True story
In 1969, when we were living in a trailer waiting for our house to be built, I was making a peanut butter and jam sandwich when it occurred to me to try PB and butter instead. It was awesome. I ate it while reading Marvel Super-Heroes #19, the one with Ka-Zar.

So if I can remember that, why did I spend a minute looking for the Kobo I was holding in my hand?

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Kobo has no taste. Scent and taste are the most evocative of memory traces.

In fact this post brought back a sense memory of my grandmother's PBJs with butter, which I thought were sinfully delicious but kind of too much for normal life.

In 1969 or so, when I learned to make a PBJ for myself, I always buttered the toast (never bread - toast!). Gosh, I'd like to have one now.

The old memory has a unique index and details that are vivid and reinforce each other when you recall it.

'Where is my Kobo now' is not a single memory--it's a process question with a constantly shifting answer. And 'Where did I last leave my Kobo' rarely has a unique or memorable index. The act of picking it up or setting it down doesn't stay in mind, and it keeps getting overwritten.

Even if it was memorable, it wouldn't stay useful. 'Where did I set down my Kobo when the cat started to throw up and I stubbed my toe' is only handy to remember once.

That's what makes habits so useful--'Where do I habitually leave my Kobo' is a much easier thing to remember, and gets refreshed with new instances that still have the same answer.

'Where did I set down my Kobo when the cat started to throw up and I stubbed my toe' is only handy to remember once.

Unless you're James.

I will defer to the expert. I would not be surprised if he found both 'Where do I habitually put down my Kobo when a strange animal wants me to pet it' and 'Where do I habitually put down my Kobo when I discover I am on fire or bleeding' handy to know.

So, how exactly did petting the strange animal set James on fire?

Friction? Static electricity? Meteor strike?

You might try buttering your Kobo.

If you like to read while eating, it is likely to happen soon enough anyway.

Last night I was making my tea (as we say in England) and realised I needed something from the fridge, which was immediately behind me. I pivoted and opened the fridge, and then couldn't remember why I'd opened the fridge.

I would like to blame age but this sort of thing has been happening my whole life. Usually when I have been thinking about something else at the same time. Two thoughts at once, the bane of my existence.

Ka-Zar is a memorable guy. He's mighty and lord of the jungle.

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I was a bit weird when I was a kid. One time while going to school I was passing a fence/wall made from old creosote-stained railway sleepers set on end and I thought "I'll make a point of remembering looking at this fence" and I have remembered it, where it was etc. Fifty years on I couldn't tell you what time of day it was, which year, what the weather was like but I remember the fence.

Off topic editorial cartoon

Sorry for the off-topic post, but I thought our gracious host might like this cartoon.

It's from the Times of India and about the Indian space program.

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