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a lost custom
My mother grew up in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, on the Strait of Canso. The region was more culturally distinct back then: people still spoke Gaelic, for example. One of the practices now long lost was the trick of luring fish in close to shore after dusk by confusing the fish with human vocalizations. Of course these days kids have never heard of Salmon Chanting Evening.

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Oh Cod I'm floundering here. You did that porpoise!

That's Sam and Janet Evening.

I'll leave this one to Dr. Smith. Doctor?

"Oh, the pain. The pain!"

They've forgotten the words, but they can still hum the tuna.

Best not do it in a provincial park or you will meet a ranger.

And somehow you know, you know even then...

Chico Marx: I can get you a ranger for that tuna.

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