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For 2017
Don't often tick the Other/Genderqueer/Non-Binary box in my site's review gender fields. Can change that. What authors should I consider?

[added later]

I am also not exactly inclusive where trans people are concerned, so would not mind suggestions.

This may be useful.

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Charlie Jane Anders?

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*shy wave* I'm a genderqueer author (nonbinary demigirl; xie/xer pronouns preferred but I'll answer to she/her from force of habit). I have a book coming out this month with a demigirl character, if you're interested in that sort of thing. The book is a paranormal romance centering around humans being kidnapped by faeries and escaping back to earth. You can reach me by email for a free review copy or I can drop you a note when it comes out or whatever you like, really! :)

-Ana Mardoll

(I'm sorry if I'm intruding; a friend who likes your reviews pointed me over here. Oh, and if you're on twitter and want a signal boost, I know quite a few transgender and trans-friendly authors!)

I'll send you an email. Thank you!

I can't recall; did you review Ninefox Gambit?

No, my brain was cheese for most of 2016.

I had no idea that Yoon Ha Lee was trans, interesting to know.

Yoon Ha Lee, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and Billy Martin (f.k.a. Poppy Z. Brite) are all trans.

The creator of the webcomic Magellan (about a superhero academy) transitioned from male -> female while writing it.

I just saw this recent non-SF/F book by and about a trans man: Bad Boy by Elliot Wake.

For old school fantasy, there's Jessica Amanda Salmonsen.

Thanks for doing this. :)

Some trans SF/F authors, poets, and editors: Susan Jane Bigelow (she/her), Rose Lemberg (they/them), Bogi Takács (e/em), Sunny Moraine (they/them), Yoon Ha Lee (he/him), Sioban Krzywicki (she/her), An Owomoyela (se/sem), S. Qiouyi Lu (ei/em or they/them), Caitlín R. Kiernan (she/her), Charlie Jane Anders (she/her), and, er, me. I know there are others but my memory's a bit foggy. The #ownvoices Twitter hashtag (also used by people of color, queer people, and other marginalized people) and Bogi's #diversestories and #diversepoems tweets and posts are good sources of more names and links.

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What do you know of Alex Wells (Mx/Mr/Sir; pronouns they or he)?

Alex is a friend of mine. They's totally rad as heck. (They also edited an anthology I'm in that's coming out any day now!)

Do you know offhand what pronouns Rose Fox prefers?

Did you ever review this album of music about the world of Steven Barnes' "Lion's Blood" ? The musician was then known as Heather Alexander, but now is Alexander James Adams.

Nope! I think the only albums I have reviewed are Hope and War of the Worlds.

I think you'd like it (or at least some of it). There is a loose sequence in the album, following the story of an Irish slave through capture, slave life and eventual freedom

You maybe want to look for a copy of "Dreadnaught" by April Daniels. YA/trans superhero(ine) novel, author's debut, makes a good showing. April is trans (she/her); a second book is in the pipeline for 2017.

Ooh, seconded! Her work is wonderful.

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