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WFA trophy to change

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Well, that's done. One wonders whether S.T. Joshi will publicly flip his lid or maintain a dignified silence? The precedent isn't too hopeful.

Any news yet as to possible replacements?

Now we know (cue Terry Gilliam-style animated infographic of the Joshi lid flipping): see the File 770 report.

I have already suggested a dumpster with a half-eaten Subway sandwich inside.

Good. What will be the new award, I wonder?

A mouth with a foot in it?

Well, there's that, at least. That's good.

So, to Robert E. Howard then?

Ok, so who was it awards "the Balrog"?

That's "The Coveted Balrog."

"The Coveted Balrog" sounds like a tavern in an unimaginative fantasy setting. Probably where all the player characters meet.

Yes, but I considered that part an in joke...

Even the coveted Balrog Award has a Wikipedia page of its own.

The recent update of Fancyclopedia also has an entry. Under "C," of course.

Maybe the aware should be of something that represents the genre of fantasy, rather than any human being at all. Maybe a statue of the One Ring? I'm sure that won't cause any trouble.

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