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In Which Edmund Schubert Withdraws From the Hugos
In Which Edmund Schubert Withdraws From the Hugos

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Maybe it's time for a new rule:
If 10% or more of the finalists decline their nomination, the Hugo Award is canceled for that year and the time and space reserved for the award ceremony is used for the Business Meeting instead.

(If I'm counting right, we're up to 7.5% this year so far.)
Edited because I wasn't counting right.

Edited at 2015-04-28 02:29 am (UTC)

Nah. Then your "burn the world" slate only needs to get 10% of the nominees.

How do you get 7.5%? You can't count disqualified-after-shortlist works/people as "declined nomination."

You can't count disqualified-after-shortlist

Do you mean the ones who declined after the ballot went to the printers? Yes, I'm counting them, because I feel the important thing is the number of people who do not want to win a Hugo this year, not whether they made that decision in time to be removed from the ballot. I believe that gives me 6 out of 80.

I think he means the people whose nominated submissions were found to be ineligible. I believe that was one of Wright's shorts and Jon Eno because he didn't publish eligible art this year.

Include anyone who voluntarily declined after the finalists were announced, including those who withdrew after the ballot was finalized. Do not count the two finalists who were ruled off the shortlist after it was initially announced due to eligibility issues. Those aren't voluntary withdrawals; they're administrative errors. The latter have happened before and while annoying, aren't part of the withdrawal/declination process.

John Eno was disqualified (he did not voluntarily withdraw) for want of qualifying material. “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” was disqualified due to prior publication. They don't count as voluntary withdrawals.

I also would not count anyone who declined nomination before the finalists were announced. Besides the fact that nobody is actually required to say in public they've done so (and most recent administrators have only included such declinations in the final stats after the winners are announced), the allow-nominees-a-chance-to-decline rule is written into the Constitution.

So when you take this into account, there have only been four voluntary withdrawals: Schubert, Black Gate, Kloos (Lines of Departure), and Bellet (“Goodnight Stars”). That's 4/85 (including the Campbell), or ~5%.

I'm not counting the ineligible entries, nor Campbell. I am counting Correia and Surridge because they did receive enough nominations to be finalists but choose not to accept under these conditions.

Yes, but so did Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman in the past. Other people have declined nomination in the past, but they've done so before the finalists were announced. This year is unprecedented in that four people withdrew after originally accepting the shortlist slot.

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