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For the record
The anonymous posts on the rh/wf/bs thread have a variety of IPs, not just one or two. Anyone who claims otherwise is mistaken or lying. And probably should explain how they supposedly can see the IPs.

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

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(Deleted comment)
When you make a post, you have an option to disallow anonymous comments. If you choose to allow them, then you can enable an option to record the IP address of anonymous commenters. If you choose this option, then only you (the person who made the post) can see the IP addresses of anonymous commenters. Other people would still not be able to see them.

(Deleted comment)
People making comments will also get a message saying if the original poster is logging IPs or not.

(Deleted comment)
My infernal curiosity led me to investigate what rh/wf/bs meant (I am none of the anonymous posters in that thread, which I had previously avoided). Sigh.

"OK, sometimes 'they're both from the same country, they must be the same person' *is* valid"

You know, sometimes it seems to me that you favour conciseness to the exclusion of clarity in some of your posts. This one is a good example. I'm sure "rh/wf/bs thread" means something to you...

I found the thread referenced by reading comments here where another person asked for clarification. But I still have no idea what that chain of abbreviations is actually intended to mean. Right hand/wobbly fan/black sheep? Random hamster/wild flavours/brave salad?

If I'm going to have to read all 400+ comments in the other thread to gain clarity, I suspect that I can live happily in ignorance. :-)

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Requires Hate/Winterfox/Benjanun Sridaengkeuw

I have no idea what you're talking about? rh/wf/bs?

Requires Hate/Winterfox/Benjanun Sridaengkeuw

Who, as far as I can gather from skimming the other thread, is a really nasty person (whoever they are) who should be avoided not excused.

A brief explanation:

I would say that explanation is so brief as to leave the new reader more mystified than before.

I'm lost too.

(I will say I distrust anyone who destroys their Internet footprint, on general principle. The truly odious Republican operative Joshua Treviño was notorious for that. Turns out he was in the pay of a foreign government: Malaysia's.)

I didn't say I was lost, as I have in fact read everything that has come up here in the last few days, I said that the post that the anonymous commenter linked to added nothing for the new reader.

Treviño was? Wow! I missed that.

Winterfox: troll

Requires Hate: abrasive reviewer

Benjanun Sridaengkeuw: beloved new author, total sweetheart.

Same person. Some effort was made to obfuscate that and when it turned out that was going to fail, a controlled burn was made admitting they are all the same person. There's some difference of opinion on various matters relating to this person. Collapse towards shared consensus occurring at glacial speeds, if at all.

I was about to summarize, god help me, but this is just about it.

Is it exhausting seeing this stuff come through your inbox?

Well, nothing has yet shown up on her Wiki page about whatever the kerfluffle is

I would further say concerns about her career seem overstated at this time, because publishers are on her side and readers don't care what authors do. Might affect con invites.

I knew that. The anonymous commenter linked to a post that didn't explain anything.

I have been practicing writing Benjanun Sriduangkaew, because I don't want to be that person who has to refer to someone by initials because they can't get up to speed with another culture's naming conventions.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Any specific examples of this in the WF/RH/BS thread? It's getting a bit unwieldy to dig through.

So is 516 comments the cap? And how close is that to a record?

I remember back when I was curious to see if it'd break 400. Oh for those days of innocence.

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