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OK, sometimes 'they're both from the same country, they must be the same person' *is* valid
I think this has reached the point where nothing new on any side is going to get said and I would like to reclaim 'recent comments' for other subjects so I will be freezing this when I get home tonight

This might affect the author's rebranding except as far as I can tell editors already knew and didn't care.

Does anyone remember what, if any, repercussions there were from Blish revealing himself to be noted critical gadfly William Aethling, Jr.?

I have no idea what Nick means by shenanigans but this bit?
Unfortunately it means no Hugos or Campbells for her.

The odds of her winning a Not a Hugo Campbell Award were always slim because authors get exactly two rolls of the dice for that one but there's the other Not a Hugo Campbell for the novel John W. Campbell would have been least likely to buy while alive and I can assure you if Campbell ever bought a story from a woman from Asia, I am completely unaware of it.

The Hugo, who knows? There was a lot of cane-shaking at Rowling for sullying the grand traditions of our genre with books the general public actually wanted to read and yet she got a rocket.

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What she did to Cindy Pon, for just one instance, was not "punching up." It was "harassing and berating a fellow woman PoC author," apparently so winterfox's own career would thrive.

That's worse than a dudebro spouting MRA threats to me, because at least they're not pathetic enough to do it for personal gain.
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What did she do to Cindy Pon again? I'm lost.
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Me again. I'm trying to find the Cindy Pon reviews but they're pages that aren't available via Wayback Machine, just as the worst NK Jemisin pages aren't available either. And what was on 50books_poc was deleted a long time ago.

There are some details as related by third parties here. My memory is that, as Winterfox, she posted a review of Pon's book on 50books_poc and called her a "stupid fuck." A couple people disliked the personal attack and all hell broke loose, with discussions and people leaving the comm. I THINK she later posted more personal attacks in reviews on Requires Only That You Hate, but again, I can't get to the blog via Wayback to verify.
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She wrote an entire series of vitriolic reviews that insulted Pon as a person as well as calling her book the worst thing ever, including one in 50 Books POC that called Pon a "stupid fuck." She also went from comm to comm, finding people who had reviewed Pon's books in even a minimally favorable manner. Then she left comments to the original poster and any commenters calling them all stupid, racist, sexist, rape apologists, etc. It made people afraid to review Pon's books, which appeared to be her intent.

In one of those comms (not 50 Books POC - it was called something like fantasy-books) the original poster defended Pon's book, and Winterfox said she was clearly a white racist. The poster replied that she was Asian-Hispanic. Winterfox said, "Well, I'm Asian-Asian," and went on to call the original poster white-identifying and full of internalized racism. Because she liked a book! Winterfox deleted the entire post, taking the comments with it. I assume to cover her tracks. But I remember it and I bet everyone who saw it does too.

The link below discusses Winterfox attacking people over a review of one of NK Jemisin's books, but it gives an idea of the way she operated in general.
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