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OK, sometimes 'they're both from the same country, they must be the same person' *is* valid
I think this has reached the point where nothing new on any side is going to get said and I would like to reclaim 'recent comments' for other subjects so I will be freezing this when I get home tonight

This might affect the author's rebranding except as far as I can tell editors already knew and didn't care.

Does anyone remember what, if any, repercussions there were from Blish revealing himself to be noted critical gadfly William Aethling, Jr.?

I have no idea what Nick means by shenanigans but this bit?
Unfortunately it means no Hugos or Campbells for her.

The odds of her winning a Not a Hugo Campbell Award were always slim because authors get exactly two rolls of the dice for that one but there's the other Not a Hugo Campbell for the novel John W. Campbell would have been least likely to buy while alive and I can assure you if Campbell ever bought a story from a woman from Asia, I am completely unaware of it.

The Hugo, who knows? There was a lot of cane-shaking at Rowling for sullying the grand traditions of our genre with books the general public actually wanted to read and yet she got a rocket.

[A note: due to problems with spam, I have to personally unscreen all anonymous comments and since it is Thanksgiving I cannot promise to be superdiligent about doing that for the next couple of days]

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The fact that you think there is only one person disagreeing with you is pretty funny. For what it is worth, this is not the person you were replying to. I suppose I should identify myself as "The girl Winterfox wanted to see raped by dogs"for the sake of you being able to follow our anonymous comments correctly. I am thrilled that that is what I need to do. Just thrilled.

There are more than one of us. I'm sure we all look/sound like to you though, us POC women attacke by Winterfox/RH. I'm afraid that's not my problem.

I am also an Asian person. I am extremely curious what satirical purpose you think that being told that I should be raped by dogs serves, especially as I was told that because I like to be wrong major video game series. I am not even a white person, because I guess you think that it white girl deserves to be told that she ought to be raped for having the wrong opinion, so I am curious what you think the socially aware meaning of it is.

Though I suspect the easy answer is to accuse me of being a liar. Which is what I expect.
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Sure not planning on calling you (any of y'all) a liar, no.

It would help /my/ head if y'all could pick an alias and sign with it. Hell, I don't even care if it's just First Anon and A Different Anon; just, some identifier. It becomes less confusing when one can differentiate people one is speaking to.

(However, I'm no kind of arbiter in this space, so if you don't want to, that's cool too.)
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