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OK, sometimes 'they're both from the same country, they must be the same person' *is* valid
I think this has reached the point where nothing new on any side is going to get said and I would like to reclaim 'recent comments' for other subjects so I will be freezing this when I get home tonight

This might affect the author's rebranding except as far as I can tell editors already knew and didn't care.

Does anyone remember what, if any, repercussions there were from Blish revealing himself to be noted critical gadfly William Aethling, Jr.?

I have no idea what Nick means by shenanigans but this bit?
Unfortunately it means no Hugos or Campbells for her.

The odds of her winning a Not a Hugo Campbell Award were always slim because authors get exactly two rolls of the dice for that one but there's the other Not a Hugo Campbell for the novel John W. Campbell would have been least likely to buy while alive and I can assure you if Campbell ever bought a story from a woman from Asia, I am completely unaware of it.

The Hugo, who knows? There was a lot of cane-shaking at Rowling for sullying the grand traditions of our genre with books the general public actually wanted to read and yet she got a rocket.

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She said, posting as Winterfox not all that long ago, in a posting that has now been deleted in a semi-private venue, that I ought to be raped by dogs. (This is bad enough as it is, but I come from a country where dogs have traditionally been seen as distasteful or, for lack of a better word, unclean. She knew this; my being an American woman POC formerly from this country was explicitly part of why she targeted me. So it was meant as both a sexualized and culturalized threat and insult.) This was not said expressly to me, but was said in a space that she knew I frequented.

I suppose one might say "it's not really a threat because she didn't say she's do it; she said someone else and/or dogs should do it." Or, "dog rape is obvious hyperbole; get a sense of humor, lighten up." But I'm afraid I can't.

I know too that I will be called a liar; that I will be mocked for anonymity; that people will make fun of the fact that I am afraid of a woman who professes a desire for me to be assaulted by animals. That people will say I cannot be taken seriously unless I am willing to stake my name on it--when my attacker did not at the time stake HER name on her threat. I am at peace with that. I understand. I cannot stand up without risking myself and my family, and so I speak anonymously, knowing that it hurts my credibility, knowing too that it is dangerous to do otherwise.

Nevertheless. What happened is true. I will be weary as I see it explained away or excused or see myself called a liar. It will still be true.
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I am here in solidarity

I believe you. I am looking into this and would like to know more. Please email me at loudlysingcuckoo at gmail dot com. Use a pseudonymous account, as you prefer, to protect your safety.

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