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Sponsored fit in there to flavour....

But are there enough SF works being translated that I will have at least one I want to read a week?

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What if you included translated short sf? Does that open it up a bit? (Mind you, other than spotting the occasional Ken Liu translation on Clarkesworld, I'm not sure where the best places are to look for these things.)

Does translated SF have to be newly published, or can you go back into history a bit? That might also pull in some not-central-to-genre works.

Wide net seems best, I think.

Los Bros Strugatsky would be interesting. When I was in Moldova, I had a fun conversation about Monday Begins on Saturday, their analog of Operation Chaos.

Presumably the new translations, which I have been picking up.

Roadside Picnic or The Second Invasion from Mars would be good, if you want to read some actually-good (though not cheerful) SF.


Manga counts as books, right?

Also, you might be interested in this:

January. That's like four months away.

Just saw this and it sounds most interesting, as a translated work.

I think that if you included YA, collections, and older works (and re-issues), there must be enough translated work around in aggregate for a couple of months. Casting a wide net (Gorodischer, e.g., a more literary kind of sf/fantasy) would help too. In the case of works getting a new translation, it might be interesting to do comparisons.

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