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Sponsored fit in there to flavour....

But are there enough SF works being translated that I will have at least one I want to read a week?

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Does translated SF have to be newly published, or can you go back into history a bit? That might also pull in some not-central-to-genre works.

Wide net seems best, I think.

Los Bros Strugatsky would be interesting. When I was in Moldova, I had a fun conversation about Monday Begins on Saturday, their analog of Operation Chaos.

Presumably the new translations, which I have been picking up.

Roadside Picnic or The Second Invasion from Mars would be good, if you want to read some actually-good (though not cheerful) SF.


Manga counts as books, right?

Also, you might be interested in this:

January. That's like four months away.

Just saw this and it sounds most interesting, as a translated work.

I think that if you included YA, collections, and older works (and re-issues), there must be enough translated work around in aggregate for a couple of months. Casting a wide net (Gorodischer, e.g., a more literary kind of sf/fantasy) would help too. In the case of works getting a new translation, it might be interesting to do comparisons.

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