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Tears Books Reviewed
Title                                    Responses
Sight of Proteus                            47
Footfall                                   123
World in the Clouds                         19
Analog July 1979                            36
Tales of a Darkening World                  21
Stars in Shroud                             43
Adventures in Time & Space                  71
Neutron Star                               163
The Past Through Tomorrow                  131
Healer                                      28
Star Treasure                               40
Jupiter Theft                               51 

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Only in the sense that I don't want to bore people.

Whether or not I comment is not very well correlated with how not-bored I was by a review.

Sometimes all I have to say is "huh!" even when I'm interested.

Reflects the number of people who read Heinlein, Niven (and whats his name), and a classic anthology, I guess.

It might be revealing to look at the subthreads that kicked up the responses.

Neutron Star has a number of tales. Perhaps collections spark more reactions than novels, positing equivalent numbers of readers?

I'm more likely to comment on a review of a book, or at least an author, I've already read, but that doesn't mean I always enjoy those reviews more.
But I'm not a paying customer anyway :)

Exactly. I've put several books on my to buy list based on the reviews, but I'm going to have less to say about something I haven't read. Neutron Star, on the other hand, I read about a bzillion times.

Same here. I'm reading (and enjoying) John Lumpkin's first book now because the review of the second book reminded me I'd added it to the to-read pile a while back.

None of them were boring - I didn't always comment, because I try to avoid 'Me too!' style comments.

I am enjoying the reviews, even lo these five months later, but am not commenting much on them. You could put a Virtual Dave Comment on each one if you want?

--Dave, cats!

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