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I could have told you not to feed the G Troll. :(

I was afraid one of the cats had maimed you.

Nah. That would be more "one of the cats has taken over the computer."

you wanna unpack that a bit?

Especially in light of the #notallfans bit. What has fandom-the-institution done or enabled now?

Farber is Farbering.

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Doing a Google search for "notallfans" corrects to "Nutella fans", which lead me to the controversy over a fan-originated "World Nutella Day". In May last year, Ferrero relented from its earlier cease-and-desist notice, and let the fans have their day.

Something tells me your day has been considerably more troubled than that.

...and now that I've caught up over there, I want to join the "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" chorus :-(

I'm sorry I left you to the Facebook wolves, I was watching Farscape to calm down from work.

I suspect a memetic prophylactic wasn't prophylactic enough.

Is it possible for someone who keeps the Facebook domain permanently blocked in NoScript to get an idea of what is going on, or should I just leave well enough alone?

Having looked*, you should leave well enough alone.

*I really should have known not to...

The Cats are claiming innocence in this..

Since half of that exchange seems to revolve around whether Bradley identified publically as a lesbian I would think that this quote from her letter in “The Witch and the Chameleon” #4, 1975 would help clarify:

“I have always known...that I was just as strongly homosexual as I was heterosexual. . .I have always felt free to write for lesbian publications, etc, under my own name, and have never made any secret of the fact that I consider myself at least bisexual, and probably, more honestly, an offbeat lesbian who simply manages to form occasional strong attachments to men.”

- matthew davis

Your 'seems' is an epic misreading of the conversation, which I thought had been aptly corrected on the facebook thread. Whether or not Bradley identified publically as a lesbian is entirely unrelated to any point actually being made on the thread.

You do share that misreading with Gary Farber, though.

I've never understood why people feel the need to excuse child abusers under the guise of "HEY LET'S BE ALL ANALYTICAL ABOUT THIS AND MAYBE WE WILL FIND OUT IT WASN'T SO BAD."

I don't know what the arguments about fandom are in that thread, but I'm baffled by some of the commentator's (or just one?) who seems to be stating that because the world didn't know MBZ, that what she did was somehow less bad and that fans shouldn't feel lied to.

Which is stupid, because that's a pretty good reason to feel lied to about.

I only looked at a small slice of the FB discussion, so this may have been addressed elsewhere, but the piece I saw left me with the very strong impression that someone is feeling more than a mite defensive over not having known about MZB's actual abuse (as opposed to facilitation of abuse, a distinction which doesn't matter at all to the kids so it really shouldn't matter to us), and is trying to find out how widespread the information was so he can figure out why he didn't know.

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Did a search on #notallfans and it appears to have started with One Direction, then Kansas University. So I was very confused for a moment.

I would imagine a lot of people start hashtags without first checking to see if they're already in use.

Just put down the internet and step back.

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I suspect it is not a good idea for me to fire up another browser and go to Facebook (I don't trust them not to track things they shouldn't). Not even to read, and almost certainly not to comment.

Mmhm. I would strongly recommend against it.

Dear God, that comment thread is so damn reminiscent of rasfw that it isn't funny. When did Facebook become Usenet?

(Oh wait, I forget, wreck.eq now is on Facebook and I'm part of it. Only now it's a walled garden so we miss September).

I thought the proper heir to Usenet was Reddit.

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I didn't realize you were on Facebook, James! Just sent you a friend request, because my tears are apparently delicious to me as well.



[Brain Bleach]

- krin

Seven months later. NOT LOOKING. Nope nope nopetopus.

--Dave, stays away from Facebook if at all possible

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