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And now I can say I've seen part of a Silicon Valley episode

I also watched an episode of Halt and Catch Fire, which I kind of get doomed vibes off of and not just because all the sets were horribly lit.

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That's... strangely reminiscent of any number of work situations.

Everyone I know in the industry has been saying that :-)

I didn't watch the whole clip, but they seemed awfully certain that everyone present would be male.

I suspect that was intentional by the writers.

Intelligent people spending way too much thought on solving the wrong problem...yeah, I've seen that.

I'm hoping that Halt and Catch Fire succeeds, because they're setting out to tell an interesting story with a lot of potential (in a highly overdramatized way), and maybe if they get network funding they can buy some decent scriptwriting and less clichéd characters. The most interesting one of them is "Molly Millions As Peggy Olsen."

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