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So, if I switch my LJ back away from the beta test that has been foisted on me
Will I be able to read my friend's list again?

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

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There's another comment page style setting, in completely separate part of the settings tree, that might fix that for you. If you go to: My Blog -> Settings -> Display and look down the list of options there's a ticky box for "View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style". If that's ticked it should add ?style=mine to all the comments links on your friends page and then it's your own colour scheme when you click through. I believe that's there for all account types but I'm not sure.

I don't see the other behaviour people are talking about (years ago I set up a custom stylesheet on my LJ that basically overrides a lot of the style stuff and I guess I must by chance have overridden the annoyances in advance) so I don't know if the above works with whatever they've done to the friendspages that just went live.

You, Madame, totally ROCK! Thank you for the fix!!

"View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style"

I've been using that for years, but now my style is borked too. Most notably, I no longer have the navigation sidebar on the left when reading comments.

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