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Jagi Lamplighter's "My Would-Be-Resignation from SFWA"

I do not get to withdraw formally from SFWA because they did not realize I was a member…but I ran John’s membership for years (except for the voting. He did that.) And we both agreed to leave before John withdrew.

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Because Chainmail Bikinis are an intrinsic natural part of Science Fiction! Practically spitting in the eye of Mary Shelley to be against Chainmail Bikinis!

I hope you're not suggesting that's a Strawmail Bikini Rant?


(I don't know who this person is. Would this make more sense if I did?)

She's John C. Wright's wife, and an author of fantasy novels.

Do you really get to flounce out of a group that you were never actually a part of?

Even if you were, like, Totally going to Join This Year?

Once again, I wonder why LJ doesn't have a "like" button.

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You persist in talking about people I've never heard of, as if they are important.

They're important to their mothers!

Her husband writes in paragraphs that never end, and she writes in paragraphs that are too short. I can see the attraction.

Do you get to flounce if you've never actually joined?

I am kind of eager to flounce from some of my husband's professional organizations now. Though to be fair to Ms. Lamplighter, she was qualified for the membership she did not hold, which I can't say about me and my husband's orgs.

Except for the Endangered Languages Fund. But I like them.

Oh! I could flounce from the Democratic Party! My husband's belonged to that for decades. That'll show 'em.

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This makes me sad in many ways, but none of them are the ways she wants, I suspect.

I still want to know who's been organizing attempts to hurt her husband's sales figures. Sorry, fixated on an irrelevancy.

Possibly people on blogs and newsgroups have been giving JC Wright's fans honest opinions on their taste in reading matter, and it's clearly a conspiracy or something?

Cheryl Morgan reviewed his Phaeton series back in the day (a series I read, and enjoyed parts of*) and didn't like it very much - Wright wrote a rebuttal, which Morgan links to here (Morgan graciously acknowledged the validity of one of Wright's points), but I suspect Wright didn't enjoy the experience.

* I think I lost interest in Wright after he expressed a desire to punch Pratchett

I felt that original trilogy had real potential. Yes, it was uber-libertarian, but it confronted some of the things libertarians have trouble with (like poor people without valuable skills, and intellectual property, and the military). Then I read his Orphans of Chaos trilogy, which I really wanted to like because of its cool concept, but it was just not good and also got creepy. Then I read his blog and decided it was unlikely his future writing was going to improve.

The shade in this thread is absolutely delicious.

A flounce is a sophisticated ruffle. It is cut on a curve, rather than straight on the grain.

Not in U.S. usage. In fact, I have in the next room a commercial historical-reproduction pattern containing a "flounce" pattern piece that is a rectangle cut on the cross grain.

The bit I keep getting stuck on is this: how does one "run someone else's membership (except for the voting)"? What does this "running" entail, exactly? Reading the magazines out loud to the Someone Else in question? Making sure dues are paid on time? Or could it be more a matter of reclining languidly on one's chaise and periodically saying things like "You know, dear, if *I* were a member I'd do X" and hoping that one's partner takes one's Helpful Suggestions and runs with them?

I think it involves womaning at them until they say "Yes, dear." Saran Wrap and martinis optional.

No great loss to SFWA... lose an "author" who writes like this:

[next post link] Free Online Writing Class tonight–with Rachel and I →

Seriously? She's advertising a "writing class" with a grammar mistake in the title? I learned when to use "I" and when to use "me" in a sentence by 8th grade, and I don't try to make a LIVING with my writing, much less presume to TEACH others how to write!

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