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John C Wright has left SFWA
One reaction.

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I have to say, it's incredible watching history being rewritten in some quarters. Of course VD wasn't booted out of SFWA because he used its Twitter feed to disseminate one of his racist screeds--no, he's the Unfortunate Victim™ of a Radical Leftist Witch Hunt™ to enforce Ideological Purity™ within SFWA, which we know will Any Day Now change its name to the Socialist Fiction Writers of Atheism. That's right, just like Wright says, VD was kicked out because of anti-conservative bias... which is why people like Jerry Pournelle or Larry Niven were ejected ages ago and totally cannot be found in the latest SFWA directory. If you disagree, why, you're just a filthy Trotskyite, I bet.

There's a lot of that going around lately. I just had an impressively incoherent (professionally published author, natch - SFWA-qualified, although not a member) ranter explain that Affirmative Action was a racist policy and unfair to white people, because black people really are completely unqualified for jobs because integrated schools have ruined them.... and that *I'm* the racist one for saying "uh, even if we accept your nonsensical premises, you've still got a major timeline problem - your 'outcome' happens decades before your 'cause'."

It's not just recent history that's being rewritten by the cranks, is what I'm saying.

Instead of men who treat each other with professionalism and respect...

Emphasis mine.

Why is it that these manly men who are strong and proud all whine like pansies when their fee-fees get hurt?

Amazing, right? What a vile little creature it is.

Comment. Section. Hilarious.*

I am especially interested that this guy -was- a practicing lawyer in three states (per his wiki -- which is also hilariously edited to self-engrandize) - I wonder what -kind- of law, though? -- and yet makes claims that SFWA had a conspiracy to reduce his readership, and thus by relationship his revenue.

All from a guy who went bankrupt as a lawyer. I guess he doesn't understand libel?

* "tell us your political affiliation!!!" After the whingeing over SFWA being political now. I guess only being on the right wing is allowed for political purposes. Does this guy know who McCarthy was, I wonder?

His Wiki bio also says that he makes his living as a tech writer.

Maybe he thought someone from SFWA was going to tell his employer about his views about women? As someone who has done HR, that would make me incredibly twitchy.

His Wikipedia bio is hilarious. Just take a look at the Discussion section.

Tempted to add the flounce, but I'm sure it would get edited out right quick.


This is so a guy who must ego-watch his wiki. Do it to make him twitch.

Wright really needs to POST PROOF OR RETRACT with that claim that the SFWA "organized attempts to harass my readers and hurt my sales figures."

Someone official at SFWA would have to challenge him on it to make him do that, though.

ETA: And since SFWA is an evil liberal plotting organization, surely they can find someone to continue his oppression in this fashion?

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(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
I'm amused because when I pointed out in Wright's comment section that any other professional association (I used bankers as my example) would be bum-rushing people out for that sort of conduct, Wright said "no they wouldn't!"

(Off to go write an article for the ABA about how well some "lady bankers" fill out their bikinis.)

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You might *not* get kicked out, but you would have the delightful HR interview of record that would get put in your permanent file.

never heard of him until this post...

I, too, had no clue who JCW was until this post. And really, since I am not inclined to go looking for more info, I am likely to continue happily with my minimal clue. ;-)

I am just going to remind everyone that he blurbed (at least) one of his wife's books.

No, there was no mention of their relationship.

Meanwhile, in related news:

Research finds whites shift to right when outnumbered - (Minnesota Public Radio)

*quietly playing a soulfully ironic edition of "Taps" *

My misreading of that sentence really demands a Soulfly version of Taps.

Like, I'd pay money for one.

(With apologies to the D.I. for the following bit of doggerel)

The writer is saddened. His wife is fey.
It's no tears of joy he's havin' today.
For the tweets from the webs all do say
That all of the Righties are leavin'.

And it's flounce, flounce, out of the SFWA,
Don't let the door hit your ass while goin' away.
And it's fare ye well ye white guys of Privilege.
All the poor Righties are leaving.

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Apparently, "courtesy" now means to make public accusations then refusing to support them.

Anyone know whether Wright’s tech writer income is employment with health benefits, or if he’s just freelancing? It’d be pretty funny (and just the sort of thing for him to not mention) if he’d been using SFWA’s health plan, and if the Obamacare insurance exchanges had made it possible for him to leave and still get health coverage. says he works for ADE Software. He used to work for Northrup Grumman.

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