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McNews weighs in on politics in SF
They're agin it.

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

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It's an op-ed by Professor Glenn Reynolds, my old pal from L5. Apparently he likes to link to Ms. Hoyt a lot. And he has a new book out.

I got as far as "Glenn Reynolds writing about Larry Correia" and thought, "Is it still a circle jerk if it only has two points?"

Isn't Sarah Hoyt in there somewhere?

Didn't I already say that she is?

You did, but Justincognito was mentioning "only two points".

If it's three points, we've totally got an ellipse jerk going.

A self-described a libertarian transhumanist decrying how libertarians are abused by "the system"? Color me shocked.

If he leaves for more rarified pastures, does that mean he's become a libertarian transhumance-inist?

Fixed the link for ya. LJ relative URL nonsense again.

My proudest moment as a blogger was getting quoted in the NYT about this asshat.

That's a great quote.

Gawd, the Old Perfesser.

A few things about that article:
1. Was Instapundit really that unusual in 2001? Even if one doesn't count sites such as Open Diary and LiveJournal, Blogger had been around for three years and I followed many who posted more than once a day. It's had to discern reality from a paper which was still writing "uncommon traffic for a blog (as the journals are commonly known)" in 2003.

2. Ha ha, Josh Marshall engaging in logrolling for that guy.

Ah, the days when the Times had to define a blog. Pardon me, a Weblog [sic].

Only a bit over a decade ago, it was.

In the very first paragraph, he defines "diversity" in SF as "we let both Heinlein and Clarke in", which explains the problem right there.

I'd be worried about any woman I knew about if her husband publicly allied himself with someone who's openly declared that women shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Arthur C Clarke actually is a genuine example of diversity, being more-or-less openly gay even very early in his career.

And British! They'll let anyone into the SFWA.

Was Clarke actually a SFWA member? (It would be unsurprising if he were, but maybe he wasn't.)

Is the gay thing official yet? Lord knows I've heard it often enough . . . not that there's anything wrong with that!

He's buried beside Leslie Ekanayake, a Sri Lankan diver whom he called his "only perfect friend of a lifetime" in the dedication to Fountains of Paradise.

He named his home in Sri Lanka "leslie's house", you can see some pictures a guy took of the interior of the house and the exterior of the gravesite a few years after Clarke had died here.

So either gay or REALLY weird.

They let in a guy who wore sarongs? DIVERSITY COULD GO NO FURTHER.

Poor Larry Correia, getting exactly what he wants like that. His workmanlike pulp is nominated for an award; everyone's talking about him; he's safely ensured that a good old-fashioned white dude is the only one mentioned in news stories about SF, and not, say, Ann Leckie for sweeping practically every short list. It's a hard life for the white guy.

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I'm looking forward to what Paul Krugman will have to say about politics in SF now.

It should be both informative and entertaining. At worst, it'll be sane.

I'm surprised Dan Simmons hasn't weighed in yet.

Did his visitor from the future warn him about this?


Better drink less Kool-Aid then.

Perhaps his visitor from the future was actually an elderly JC Wright.

Not pompously verbose enough.

delete after reading

"Weighs in," not "weights." Unless that's a Canadian English thing?

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