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Adventurer Conquerer King: Session Twenty Four
The party begins to suspect the negotiations with the ogre will not go well when the ogre interrupts Patience to grumbles "I prefer food not to speak."

Sage Renaldo Hashton Bryce
Scout Otho
Vault Guard Iatro Sirequake (NPC)
Former Legionnaire Titus
Cleric Patience (NPC)

Most of the session was an exploration of just how close the party could get to a TPK without actually losing anyone. As Otho discovered after criting a couple of times, the orge had a trick that let him dole out damage comparable to Otho's entire supply of hit points on anyone who managed to critical the ogre. As a result, Otho spent a certain amount of time out cold.

It didn't help that he kept forgetting to activate his ring of protection. Or that he broke yet another bow string, leaving him with one.

(How hard are those to make, anyway?)

At one point, it seemed that the ogre had managed to bisect Reynaldo in one blow but happily Iatro had a trick that let him block a lot of that damage. Less happily this worked by having the dwarf absorb that damage, which left both Iatro and Reynaldo out cold, joining Otho. The two things that saved the group is the fact that there were lots of healing potions on hand and also a cleric to distribute them,

The party barely managed to prevail, with Otho delivering the final blow in the form of a thrown knife after the others had whittled the ogre down. The one up side is the orge turned out to have a cave stuffed with treasure from slightly less lucky adventurers. The down side is everyone was short on hit points, healing potions and recoveries (Otho is at about 2/3rds HP and has one recovery left) and so the party decided to retreat for a time to the relative safety of the monster-infested countryside or rather, the temple since it can be secured.

Sadly, there was a group of evil clerics and their minions - cultists? Monsters? Monster cultists? Between the party and the door. Otho managed to glide past the other side but sadly, other members of the party were not so successful.

A chase ensued, as the PCs hobbled towards the safety of the woods and the flesh eating spiders they conceal. Although he managed to get outside without being seen, Otho deliberately attracts the attention of one cleric and his minions; once they start chasing him, Otho does his best to lead them away from his allies. The plan is to use his superior skill in the woods to pick off the bad guys one at a time before tracking his friends down. How that will actually work remains to be seen.

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It occurs to me, belatedly, that we might be able to trade with the spiders for silk with which to make bowstrings. I don't know how good the silk might be (I have vague memories of gut being used for strings if necessary.) Otho can probably find the plants with the good fibers: he's a naturalist-type, after all. I'd think it goes well with his background.

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