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Today's thought
Egypt was already 11 dynasties old when the last mammoth died on Wrangel Island.

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Wow. That puts a few things in perspective.

Your userpic honestly squicks me out a bit, which surprises me. Perhaps I am feeling under the weather.

Thanks. It's a brain candle in a jar from when I was taking photos of zombie turnip.

I think about those mammoths a lot.

I'm betting on Stewart Brand to bring them back.

Although if it takes long enough, we might need to bring Stewart Brand back first.

There was a (his?) proposal to import elephants into North America, to refill the mammoth's ecological niche. Given the intelligence of elephants, perhaps they could get asylum.

They're damn smart. Research has found that African elephants can apparently not only distinguish between men, women, and children, they can apparently distinguish between humans speaking different languages.,0,6015270.story#axzz2vgFTRJe0

Has this story ever been supported or debunked? ( I hear stories about long-term thinking displayed by elephants, and I always wonder how much of it is anthropomorphization.

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