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Given your usual subject matter, I always first read "CanCon" as "Canadian Conservatism".

That is one bit of linguistic poaching I hope to never see in my life.

Wow, you still have Italian jokes up there? Good to see people keeping the old crafts alive.

And Nickelback.
And The Tragically Hip.

(And also Corner Gas, so I suppose there's occasional upsides.)

They moved to a Saskatchewan city with a river, a bridge, and a coastline.

Ooooooookay then.

Also, I'm pretty sure they are required to make a bunnyhug joke in there somewhere, especially since the nerdy son wears one.

I wonder if a cartoon about Canadian mafioso could be done. Yes, for anyone who's surprised, the Mafia and their counterparts are active in Canada. Just look up the name Vito Rizutto.

So is there FanCanCon? I've got a story in which General James Wolfe and Marquis de Montcalm sleep together before the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

My wife loves the show, FWIW.

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