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Please let this not suck

Entertainment One Television
(Hell on Wheels) and De Laurentiis Co. (Hannibal) are developing a series based on Pohl’s 1977 novel Gateway, set on an abandoned alien space station that has since been taken over by humans. The novel has won a Hugo Award, Locus Award, Nebula Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. 

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oh pleasepleasepleaseplease. Please.

The description (Robinette is running away from a tragic love affair?) gives me pause.

I am also not sure it would be possible to convey the utter dread that fights with the utter necessity in getting on a ship. If they do that, I'll be pretty gosh-darned happy.

I've seen movies combine those emotions. Various bits of the Alien franchise, Pitch Black, etc. I'm not sure that works so well in series television where you know the important characters have script immunity. Unless they get really creative...

Jay, not hopeful

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"Please let this not suck"

"De Laurentiis"


Let me know how that works out.

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I just BINGed Dino and found out he's dead.

Wow. Maybe it's got a shot.

De Laurentiis was a pretty good producer-- he was just a lousy director.

From the makers of the worst King Kong remake ever and the repugnant "Dune". Yeah, I'm not very optimistic.

Which were 38 and 30 years ago, respectively, and therefore not the same "makers." Martha De Laurentiis didn't work on either.

Or to make more concrete, the 1976 King Kong remake is as far in our past as … well, as the Errol Flynn Adventures of Robin Hood was in King Kong 1976's past. And their Dune is two years more remote from us than Forbidden Planet was from Dune.

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(Deleted comment)
LA is weird.

Giving "Producer" credits such high visibility and assigned supposed relevance to the content, is pretty much like putting big signs on shop shelves telling you which company shipped these cans of soup and the name of the truck driver. The only way the quality of those cans of soup are any different is if the truck driver dented all the tins by really really bad driving.

My prediction: it will suck like the supermassive black hole at the core of Galaxy Messier 87.

(One good thing about being pessimistic: one can always be pleasantly surprised).


but pessimists have more fingers.

Are the odds as good as those of surviving one Gateway mission? Ten? A hundred?

>Set on an abandoned alien space station that has since been taken over by humans.

Prediction: there will be at least one person complaining that they stole the premise from Deep Space Nine.

I'm going to suggest that that the show(s) they will actually be borrowing structure from is the "Stargate" franchise's "Planet of the Week". Spoiler: The Planet of the Week will always look like somewhere within driving distance of Vancouver.

I find a universe where everywhere looks like Vancouver slightly preferable to the universe where everywhere looks like Southern California.

Admittedly, I'm from Seattle.

Second comment at Blastr:

"It sounds like Deep Space 9 to me"

-- Paul Clarke

"Gateway is set in the Heechee, a space station constructed by a long-vanished alien race,"

This sentence does not fill me with optimism.

That comes from Deadline Hollywood rather than the production company though, so it should only drain your optimism about entertainment industry reporting. You still had some of that, right?

-- Paul Clarke

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