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You know what I just noticed?
OSC has a new essay up, one on the situation in Ukraine.

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

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I'm not going to read it. I'm going to wait for the comments here. Those will be MUCH more entertaining and are unlikely to make me want to scratch my eyes out.

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Totally worth the read just for this:

"Also, Georgia is remote, so that there was no way for American forces to intervene; and it is strategically unimportant to American and Western interests.

Ukraine is not remote."

Look at a map. Giggle. There ya go.

See? Wait, and the comedy comes to me.

He's wrong about Shrubya, whom I shall always recall as The Great Ditherer, given that he had both the power and the mandate to get almost all this crap sorted out by 2005 or early 2006 if he had just had the will to do something.

Dude, you're 54. By no stretch of the imagination can you be called young.

Imagine my wince every time I hear Blondie's "Die Young, Stay Pretty".

New? Surely you jest. Card hasn't had an original political thought in decades because his mind refuses to acknowledge any changes in the world since Scoop Jackson ran for president in 1976.

"New" in that he has posted his thoughts with a new arrangement of words. As an author, I am sympathetic to this interpretation of "new" as to a great extent all I do is steal old ideas and say them with different specific words.

At least you're stealing something new, even if it's old. Card's political universe really did ossify along with ol' Scoop.

"Barack Obama is the Beloved Leader of the America-hating Left -- and yes, they hate America and everything it stands for, until you say so, and then they get all tetchy and accuse you of impugning their patriotism. "

Actually, the Left (I assume he thinks "America-hating Left" is a tautology) is really pissed off at Obama.

It wouldn't be a Card essay without gratuitous insults. Yawn.

FWIW, I don't think The Left is that p.o.'d at Obama actually, given the results of the last election. It's not 1968 anymore either.

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Depends how far Left we're talking about. Democrats are disappointed, but not enough to stop voting D; the tattered remains of the organized Left never liked him all that much anyway.

As someone who has voted Democratic since 1976, I'll just say I'm a connoisseur of disappointment and that Obama has exceeded my expectations.

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I am not sure why the Left gets so cranky at the Democratic party for 'triangulation' given the shambles the Left is in.

I would prefer a lot more socialistic policies in the U.S., but I don't really have any idea on how to get there. It would be nice to have a real labor/working class movement but I have no idea how to create one.

As long as I have a choice between a Barry Goldwater Republican (who for some mysterious reason appears next to the "D" on my ballot) and the Shrieking Fiend From Backwoods 1830 candidate, I'll be voting Democratic.

Edit: "Barry Goldwater" seems wrong, but I think Nixon's domestic policy was more liberal than Obama's.

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Ukraine was independent from 1648 to 1654, and semi-autonomous until 1764.

I don't think "Cossack Host" and "Ukrainian nation" are quite the same thing, especially since the Hetmanate 1666-1764 comprised only a fraction of the total Ukrainian state's territory nowadays, mostly in the east, and the descendants of the actual Cossacks are generally pro-Russian. Sure, they've been adopted as the progenitors of the Ukrainian national spirit or whatever, but their connection with modern Ukrainian nationalism seems a bit thin to me.

It's close enough to my mind. Russian Federation likes to wrap itself in the mantle of the Kievan Rus, which is even more remote in time and culture. In fact, Kievan Rus could be argued to have been a Ukrainian empire, given that the capital was in Kyiv.

Looking at the map in Wikipedia, the Hetmanate was in the middle, not the East.

Land East of the Hetmanate, including Crimea, was given to Ukraine by Khrushchev after Stalin ethnically cleansed the Tartars from Crimea.

Land West of the Hetmanate was given to Ukraine by Stalin, who kindly ethnically cleansed the Poles out of the way.

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Russians being silly about Kievan Rus doesn't make the Ukrainians any more right. That's the Hetmanate at it's maximum size, which it did not hold for more than a few years, and in any event the Don Cossacks were a bit different from the Zaporozhians: I'm not sure whether they count as a united area after the early 1700s and Mazepa's rebellion. But I suppose the Russian treatment (for self-interested reasons) of the "Little Russians" as having a _right_ to autonomy did set an important precedent.

Lands in the west didn't require any help from Stalin, quite a bit obtained from Poland in the Partitions and Napoleonic wars, and in those areas gained in WWII the great majority of the population was already Ukrainian, most purging was of ethnic Ukrainians. The current borders of the Ukraine were I believe established by 1921 save for the Crimea.

(Edit: current borders in _the east_, I meant)

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if he is ready to suit up and fight for the Ukraine, more power to him. Or is that just other peoples children?

I'm sorry for my stupid imagination - after you said "suit up", I now imagine Orson putting on some sort of EW themed combat armor...:)

so, he really would need more power to him...

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