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Aaron Allston (1960 - 2014)
Facebook warning

It is my devastatingly sad duty to announce I've just gotten confirmation.

Aaron Allston passed away tonight, after collapsing at VisionCon. Apparent cause of death is massive heart failure.

He was a friend and mentor, and one of the Very Best of Us.

Heartbroken only begins to describe how I feel.

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oh crap, I loved reading his books..

Oh, that's sad news. I knew of Allston from his work with GURPS, and then ran into him occasionally on Usenet. Mainly, though, I remember all those years we were logged into our accounts at the same time. It seems silly, I probably "spoke" to him twice on Usenet, but nearly every day I'd see him logged into IO and think, "Hey, that's Aaron!" Really enjoyed his GURPS Autoduel work, too. RIP.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I remember him from The Space Gamer. Damn.

I had been hoping to see more Doc Sidhe books.

And that was way too young.

Someone told me he had heart surgery a while ago, and if that is true this makes more sense. Bad genes suck.

EDIT: emergency quadruple bypass surgery April 2, 2009. As I understand it, a bypass buys you about five years (on average).

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Shite, that's too young. (Never got to meet him. Books showed promise, were less politically questionable than much of Baen's output.)

Really nice guy to meet in person. Funny, smart, courteous and friendly. And talented. Loved the Doc Sidhe books. Always wished he would write more of them.

(Typo in headline: "Alston" instead of "Allston")

The change doesn't appear to have propagated from DW to LJ.

Real shame. As others have said, far too early. I liked the Doc Sidhe books myself, at least when I read them.

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