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Return to 13th Age
From email, QWP:
We are go for gaming. I can no longer remember who was there at the last
session. Here is my (dim?) remembrance of where we got to:

- Reynaldo annoyed a submerged giant frog by poking it in the eye with Mage
Hand, in a cavern that had a large pond in the middle of it (on one side)
and a big iron door at the other end. There was a kafuffle. The Toad was
handled, and Reynaldo extracted from the pool before he drowned.

- The door was opened (Knock? Brute Force?); this led to a thin tunnel
through the rock that T'd into another thin tunnel underneath a large-ish
sinkhole about 200' below the side of the mountain (you can see the light
filtering down); there are lots of flying rodents here and maybe other
flying things. You went left.

- The tunnel got even thinner and then cracked open into a large cavern: To
your left a long crack in the wall of the cavern opened like a mouth to
another cavern beyond. To your left-and-forward, next to the mouth, is a
tunnel with a rocky occlusion in it. To your right-and-forward is a tunnel
with some roughly carved stairs heading down -- this lead to a dead-end
cavern filled with rats nests (no rats that you could see). To your right
is a large, kidney shaped sink hole, about 15' across with a rough,
disturbed earth-and-rock floor, and beyond a tunnel.

- You went across the sink hole, carefully, discovered the tunnel beyond
seemed blocked off; you searched it, and found a hidden handle. You pulled
it, and 'ka-chunk'. You waited a few moments, and then you pulled it, and
'ka-chunk'. You waited a few moments, and then you pulled it, and
'ka-chunk'. You then decided to go back across the sink-hole, and almost
made it safely to the other side.

- The ankheg attacked from under the rough dirt; it took you a while to
dispatch it, but dispatch it you did. No-one was very seriously injured,
but healing magic was flung around. The ankheg's thrashing revealed a
tunnel, hidden under the dirt, about 3" in diameter; you sent someone in

- The tunnel travelled for about 15', and then you saw iron bars across the
tunnel. Someone pulled the handle again, and 'ka-chunk' the iron bars
retracted. An ankheg swarm did NOT come out from the tunnel when the bars
were lifted.

- You followed this thin tunnel for "a while", down into the dark.

- Eventually the tunnel popped you out into a rough, natural cavern, shaped
like a stylized elephant seem from the side. You came out a tunnel that
would be the elephant's hind legs. Around his belly, and another tunnel
where the front legs would be stretch off into the dark. Where his head and
trunk would be, his trunk is another tunnel stretching off into the dark,
and quite narrow. Where the elephant's behind would be, you can see that
about 15' up off the cavern floor is a mouth-like opening like a sideways
"O" ellipse, about 6 feet wide, and about 3 to 4 feet tall.

- The darkness and damp in this cave is oppressive. There is an
undercurrent of dread that's palpable here, and the hair on your arms and
back of your neck prickles. Without a doubt this is a Champion Level
Environment. (You have been warned.)

That's where we halted.

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There is a small mailbox here.

I don't understand this response.

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

tunnel, hidden under the dirt, about 3" in diameter;

Is that supposed to be 3 inches or 30 feet? The former is far too small for an ankheg, and the latter is far too large.

(Deleted comment)
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