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Sad news
Irony murdered by Silverberg.

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I just got The Book of Skulls from a friend, is it worth reading? I don't want to get it poisoned the sexism fairy if it's actually good (although obviously, to a degree it already is, even if avoid actively being informed about it, and I'm sure someone will eventually tell me).

Sorry, I did not edit this enough, and it's late here; I guess what I meant is: if I read the linked story further than the first few paragraphs, will it destroy my enjoyment of the story? It's next on my reading list.

Speaking for me, Silverberg just went on my "can't read again" list, which makes me sad about Lord Valentine's Castle if nothing else.

Your own responses are going to be a bit hard to predict from the information available...

Yeah, I put Lord Valentine's Castle in the Donate to Library pile last night. :(

I didn't finish The Book of Skulls, and I didn't notice much sexism. It has a totally bizarre treatment of homosexuality, though. I've never seen three entirely separate and mutually contradictory kinds of homophobia in a single book before.

Rather like antisemitism, then? :)

Sort of, yes. As I remember it, there was a gay couple in a flashback who were just crazy stereotypes. There was a gay character in another flashback who was much more sympathetic, but a raving misogynist. And then one of the protagonists says that when he achieves eternal life, he'll turn gay for a few decades. Hmm.

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