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"can't read our spam? eat it instead"

I'm not getting any, but I'm not famous like you.

Is it malformed and filled with gibberish phrases? It might just be standard sucky spam designed to get through your service's filters, and the site might be harmless, but a total waste of your time.

Most of the malware spam I get are things like:

"Voice Message from Unknown Caller"
"Credit Card Receipt for $1312.32"

with some sort of file (zip or exe) that I can download and 'view'.

Eventually spam-filter-defeating software will become sentient and inundate us with crap ads. The future will be a grim dark cyberpunk version of a Cyril Kornbluth/Fred Pohl collaboration.

Another option is that the anti-spam software, locked into an arms race with the spammers, becomes sentient first.

Strange and terrible things happen. Spam stops.

If they both become sentient at the same time, we hard-launch into a Manichean singularity. Sucks to be us.

You'd think, wouldn't you? But it's actually from the NSA trying to figure out why you're so popular on this Russian social networking site.

If u cn rd ths, u mn smndl drp pkl.

There's only one way to find out.

... post a link to it here with a "memetic prophylactic recommended" tag?


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