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Adventurer Conquerer King: Session Fourteen

Sage Renaldo Hashton Bryce
Scout Otho
Vault Guard Iatro Sirequake (NPC)
Former Legionnaire Titus
Cleric Patience (NPC)

This session was mainly book keeping but we did do some ant nest poking

Rather than have Renaldo's player stuck doing their own thing back at the town for weeks or months real time, the GM had the raven familiar who has been hanging around show up, commit light brain surgery (to deal with the after effects of a crit), explain that the Arch Mage (one of the Ascended) wants Reynaldo to help the rest of his party and deliver the mage to the rest of the party via arcane means.

The raven also gave the mage an amulet that can detect evil. It did not detect evil on the raven, who was a bit offended but not, I think, surprised that this was the first thing Reynaldo did with the amulet. Every magic item has its own personality and the way the amulet's manifests is using it makes the user feel good. I can see no way this can go horribly wrong.

Otho thought about shooting the raven out of the sky but held off. A discussion followed. The raven charged with dealing with making sure the Dark God's followers (read: orcs and such) don't run amok. Probably the most interesting part of the discussion is that although the Great Druid* also expressed the opinion bad doings were afoot, it is not clear it's the same bad doings the Archmage is concerned about.

Since the party believes they need to clear the orcs out of the cave, the group headed back to see if they could knock some more orcs. When they got to the underground bridge, they found the door on the other side being guarded by two expendable guards.

The plan was for Otho to provide cover fire while Titus and Iatro charged. Otho missed twice. Titus missed once. The paladin connected but rolled poorly for damage. The two orcs opened the door behind them to reveal the room on the other side was filled with orc soldiers and an owlbear.

The orcs formed a shield wall at the door: suicide to attack it. Titus and Iatro took defensive positions at the bridge, on the far side so the orcs would have to attack one or two at a time: suicide to attack them. At this point a long pause occurred, while we waited to see if anyone would fail an int roll.

The orc sergeant delivered what I assume would have been a compelling speech if anyone on our side spoke orcish. Otho took the opportunity to loose and arrow at the fellow, rolling a one as usual. But at least the string didn't break and neither Titus nor Iatro got an arrow in the back of the head**.

Renaldo tried his hand at putting the orcs to sleep but the rules for that are different in 13th Age and so only three of the orcs collapsed. The others quietly closed the door....

With no clear brilliant option available and a good chance the orcs are sending a party through some exit the party does not know about to trap the party between the two groups of orcs, it was decided retreat for the moment made sense. The mage casts hold portal to give the group time to retreat and the party leaves.

Wanting to ambush the ambush party, the group found a reasonable hiding place near the entrance to the caves. Nothing appears. As the session ends, night begins to fall.

* This world has nigh-godlike beings who interfere in people's lives *all the time*.

** If the party gets back to civilization, Otho is buying a couple of extra bows and a crap ton of strings. For some reason, my characters in 13th Age tend to have to function without access to their preferred weapons.

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It did not detect evil on the raven, who was a bit offended ...

The first time I read that, I parsed it as "The raven was offended that it was not considered evil"...

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