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Reading it, it came across as quite Delany-influenced.

Space mechanic in "The Star Pit?"

There's a big SRD-shaped hole in my reading.

Basically, I've read The Fall of the Towers, The Ballad of Beta-2, Empire Star, Babel-17, Dhalgren and Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand, and I've started but not finished Triton.

It'd be cool if the retinas were so bright green that you could see it looking at his pupils.

This being SF, particularly a story mentioning genetic engineering, it could always be a tapetum lucidum.

-- Steve is reminded by this that there's a new "Riddick" movie out. Wonder if it's worth seeing...?

Goddamn Eloi: well, sooner or later the Morlocks will eat them...

I think the word Lake wanted here was "iris".

Yup. That would be what we in the business call a "mistake".

But will you be an apt pupil and learn from it, or should you be lashed? (See what eye did there? Humor in an ocular vein! OK, sorry to keep brow-beating you...)

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If it helps, at least three people missed it: you, your editor at Clarkesworld and Kate Baker.

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