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N.K. Jemisin's Continuum GoH Speech

So I propose a solution — which I would like to appropriate, if you will allow, from Australia’s history and present. It is time for a Reconciliation within SFF.

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If the person making the point about what she saw as being problematic in Bear's book hadn't been so inflammatory and insulting the defensiveness would have been dialed down a few notches to begin with. Strangely enough, this is a thing that some people like to do online and for some odd reason it does tend to ruffle feathers. Which is why they do it. It goes both ways of course, which helps feed such flame wars, as we used to call them back in ye olde days of Usenet. Bear handled it pretty well, Moon not so much. But I have no sympathy for the likes of those who go in willfully flaunting the "tone argument" defense, as if it gives them license to behave like jerks. And yes, that goes both ways as people who decry criticism as "censorship" are similarly acting out.

Now about the "reconciliation" of SFF, I have a hard time seeing the gender disparity problem in SF&F as something akin to the ethnic cleansing and subsequent discrimination against the aboriginal peoples of Australia. I know that exaggerating for effect can be a useful rhetorical tool, but, be careful of the kind of conflict you wish to depict, lest you wind up having people getting their backs up unnecessarily.

Eh, I make huge allowances for tone in these matters. Because what's being complained about is so all-pervasive that I figure I'd be perpetually angry if I were on the receiving end. I get to stop thinking about sexism and racism once in a while; women and minorities don't.

No doubt, you do sometimes get people who are using this as a shield to kick people around with impunity. But it's not the first thing to assume.

I agree, and I don't dismiss someone as being insincere without good reason.

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