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SFWA election results
Reportedly, 46 of 493 people voting voted for Theodore "Vox Day" Beale.

SFWA is pleased to announce the results of this year’s Board elections.

President: Steven Gould
Vice-President: Rachel Swirsky
Secretary: Susan Forest
Treasurer: Bud Sparhawk
South/Central Regional Director: Lee Martindale
Overseas Regional Director: Tansy Rayner Roberts

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I suspect some of those may come from people who want to vote against whatever they perceive as the "establishment" or "insiders." (It's not a random phone poll, so likely not much affected by the sort of things that will get people to say they are in favor of repealing a plausible-sounding law that doesn't exist because someone calls up and says "I'm with Gallup, and we want your opinion," or pick choice A because they don't want to admit they don't know anything about the issue, or because one candidate has a name similar to someone else they vaguely remember. Though it may still be influenced by people who want to vote, so choose based on a candidate's perceived gender or ethnicity.)

There's a deep division, of community more than ideology, between SWFA writers who hang out in the old SFFNet newsgroups and those who do not. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those SFFNetizens voted for Beale just because he branded himself as the Anti-Scalzi. On the other hand, some of them are women, and Beale is on record as opposing (for instance) voting rights for women.

Beale's candidacy is a little mysterious to me, but seems to have been some combination of opportunism (SFWA elections have been decided by strangely small margins in the past), hate/envy of John Scalzi (a force which explains so much of world history), and the troll's sad desire to be noticed, just noticed that's all.

hate/envy of John Scalzi (a force which explains so much of world history)

I always suspected that was the cause of the Trojan War.

I had no idea Scalzi was working that early.

A number of SFWA elections, including the presidency, have been uncontested.

Envy of Scalzi is ... well, he's a big target: opinionated, liberal, handsome, New York Times Top Ten Bestseller, surrounded by cute wife/daughter/cats ... dammit, any self-respecting troll would have to take a pot-shot at him!

Luckily for us, the Crazification Factor in SFWA is under 10%, at least wrt. the organization itself (some of its members' works of fiction might, if assessed in a clinical setting, support a different conclusion).



OK, sure. Who could resist those bedroom eyes?

(Possible duplicate message - sorry)

As I remarked on the previous thread about this election Beale did worse in both absolute and percentage terms than Andrew Burt did, three years ago (Burt got 53 votes for about 13% of the ballots)

So were Eastern, Western, and Canadian Regional Directors not up for election this year, or were they just uncontested?

I do wonder just who voted for Day.

I went over to Vox Day's site to see how he took it, and he was, for him, surprisingly graceful. On the other hand he did note that the presidency vote was "ironically" closer than those for vice president and secretary. Didn't those candidates run unopposed?

I think he's too busy shilling his novels and soliciting reviews.

46 of 493 people voting voted for Theodore "Vox Day" Beale

44 of whom thought they were voting for Howard Beale.

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