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In the news
Paper apologizes for calling man who 'opposes homosexuality' and is a noted anti-gay marriage activist homophobic.

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Ah, the usual "he hates the sin, not the sinner" nonsense.

What's odd is that the headline used rhetoric that matches that: they said homophobic views which isn't the same as homophobic author or something similar.

*quack* *quack* *quack*

I would like to see other words the paper would use to describe Card....

"We sincerely apologize for our inappropriately accurate characterization."

Dear Reader, we wrote that Mr. Card is homophobic it is true and we are sorry for it.

Mr. Card may put the commas where he pleases.

(With apologies to Sherridan…)

In contrast, Michelle Shocked embraces the label.

I would tend to say that anyone who believes that people who want to marry other people of the same sex are in danger of destroying the institution of marriage are, by definition, afraid of them, but what do I know?

I just saw that about Shocked on Facebook. I was extremely surprised, though to be honest I don't think I've thought about Shocked in years, and I guess I was making unwarranted assumptions about her based on her fanbase? Though apparently her fanbase was too.

Not just assumptions -- she started out as an atheist dyke, later became religious and at least bi (my label, not hers) by having relationships with men too. Now I just pity her, as she's clearly drunk far too much of the bad Kool-Aid/brown acid.

Well, that's disheartening.

Oh wow. Well, it was time to cull my tape collection anyway. Besides, I liked Phranc better...

Has anyone among the Gender Purity Orthodox taken the opposite tack, and embraced the word “homophobia”? They could argue that, as homophobes, they suffer from a phobia, a form of mental illness, which is therefore a protected disability….

Actually, my comment above isn't fully relevant, so never mind.

I suppose someone could take that approach. Are there homophobia treatment centers?

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Gay bingo? (Hey, it's fun, and maybe if someone's having enough fun they'll stop being afraid!)

It's a sub-case of Calvin's noted aphorism, "In my opinion, we don't devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks."

Sot of a "Please, won't you think of the poor homophobes?" eh? That could work.

I dunno...doesn't that lead to thinking about the poor Negrophobes and Semitephobes? Or am I falling prey to the Slippery Slope fallacy?

Don't offend the slopophobic.


Certainly he's homophobic.

It means that, for some reason, he wastes time and effort on the irrational goal of putting an end to homosexuality, rather than a sensible goal, like exterminating the Lima bean.

He's not afraid of them, he "just appreciates their inherent danger on a deeper level than the average person does."

This is "their inherent danger to him", right?



Bigotry and name-calling call for an apology no matter who it is that you bigot and name-call at.

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