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As pointed out in email
What happens when CPAC puts on a panel called How Not to Sound Racist?

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Predictable. Sadly predictable.

I was sitting next to Heimbach, because when I got to "Trump the Race Card," there were no seats left. Heimbach was saving two, as his friends were in the bathroom, but another man gruffly said saving seats was not allowed, and pushed the chair toward me. I am very grateful to this man.

Why do I get the sense there's some deeper meaning to be found in that exchange, as though it encompasses the schizophrenic rift in the Tea Party as a whole caused by its make up of "chair saving" and "not allowering" factions?

Also: anyone else weirded out by the way Donald Trump seemed to have require the CPAC to put his name in the title of the Race Card discussion or something?

...Trump: The Race Card...

Did anyone see a self-absorbed guy with an angry tribble on his head?


--I have long suspected that DT's hair... thing... is a stroke of genius. Think of it. He sits down at a bargaining session. Nobody can stop snickering. Two hours later everybody else stands up with a puzzled smile and two coat hangers.

(Deleted comment)
The Teaparty runs on 100% pure, distilled resentment.

It sounds more like they just resent people making stuff up about what they really mean.

I do hope that is a sarcastic italic.

Sounds to me like they resent being called out on their racist bullshit.

You know what that’s like, right?

Hey, if he hasn't actually dragged a black man to death behind his car, he can't be racist.

Actually, since the man is a human wart, has anyone checked his car?

People making up lies about me because they can't fault what I actually say?

I sure do know what that's like.

As you know.

People making up lies about me because they can't fault what I actually say?

What you say is consistently terrible. And we can *and do* fault you for it.


People who are telling the truth don't need an Inquisition.

Dude, you're a horrible person. Man up about it already. Revel in your bigotry!

As conservative icon Churchill once said, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”, which is why lying douchebags continue to prosper: the truth needs all the inquisitors it can get.

Lying douchebags prosper because they conduct Inquisitions to silence dissent.

But you knew that already.

Oh, poor lil' right-winger, with a mere major news empire and an entire political party to represent his views, and _every_ major new organization ready to give his side their air time, how can his viewpoint every get recognition in the face of the relentless inquisition of the Nation, Mother Jones, and some bloggers and guys on Livejournal. Truly you are David facing Goliath. Poor lil' guy being persecuted and tortured for Speaking Truth To Power. How tough it must be for you to come here day after day in your thankless battle for the Truth. Why don't you make it easy for yourself? Head on over to Baen's bar, for instance, where you will find more congenial company. Or throw yourself out of a high window - whatever you find easier.

Oh, is the Matthew Joseph Harrington described here you?

Sounds like you.

Ah, and being dodgy on Wikipedia:

I wonder how much more of your heroic nature would be revealed with more than a few minutes on google, but alas, I have better things to do, like picking up the dog crap in the back yard. Good night!

Is that junkie still whining about running out into traffic against the light?

Are you the one supposedly being silenced? Because man, you’re the talkiest silenced guy I’ve ever met.

If you were able to do a competent job you wouldn't advocate stealing from people.

... so you're whining about being silenced AND laughing at them for being unable to silence you? I think someone's got his fist too far into the "I am entitled to be better than you AND discriminated against" cookie jar.

--Dave, one mask at a time plz

If you had an argument of your own you wouldn't pull stupid ideas out of your own head and claim they were mine.

The only thing leftists are sure to be competent at is stealing. (Which is a tautology, of course.) It's why they have to gang up on honest people, even if all they want to do is waste our time.

That's what CPAC is for, and how it works.

I keep seeing "CPAC" and thinking it's referring to James' nighttime breathing mask, the ones the cats toy with if not suppressed...


That's "CPAP". "CPAC" is the parliament channel on TV.

The answer to your question is obviously, "The rest of us point and laugh."

"How Not to Sound Racist" might have been a better title.

As a stealth bonus, it would have attracted both those eager not to say dumb things in public and those eager to take racist stands without being caught at it. The interaction of the two factions would be amusing to bystanders.

The name of the segregationist Scott Terry got me thinking about how, back in the early and/or mid 1990s, I would troll alt.politics.white-power because stupid racists are hilarious, and I would swear there was a husband-wife team of super racists with the last name Terry. But (a) the group wasn't archived on Deja News (because of the content, I assume) so I can't go back and check, and (b) the group had a lot of sockpuppets using real-world personae, including a Pitt State ag prof whose ID was appropriated by someone claiming to be an expert in "Downe's Syndrome." Those Terrys may not have actually been real people. Still, kind of a coincidence.

Are you saying Scott Terry is related to Randall Terry?

No, just suggesting that this might be the person you were thinking of.

There should have been a question mark.

Edited at 2013-03-17 01:20 pm (UTC)

Ah. I don't think so, this was two people (allegedly; you know how Usenet was) and they were just dinks, not noteworthy at all.

It's always so disorienting to hear about CPAC in the US, since I'm so used to the acronym meaning our sedate, respectable parliamentary channel.

I have enough cognitive dissonance from the opposite implications of "red" vs. "blue" from what we have in Canada.

The US connotations of "red" vs. "blue" are recent (post-2000); they cause cognitive dissonance for some Americans too.

Edited at 2013-03-17 04:28 pm (UTC)

When I was growing up, the Red states were the USSR and the PRC, as God intended.

Trump had a speech about how they should allow more European immigrants to the US to counter all those horrible Democrat supporting illegals.

Mr Trump clearly does not realise how many of those white Europeans consider the Democrats to be a right wing party.

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