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It's universal
All cats like boxes.

All cats.

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I told Gale that all cats like sitting on rectangles. She didn't believe me.

From the look on that cat's face, attempting to remove her/him from the box would not end well for the aspiring remover.

As they say, you can't make a leopard change its box.

Please accept One Internet in appreciation of your comment...

Thank you thank you thank you. :)

Isn't that a jaguar?

-- Paul Clarke

Answering myself: no. Carry on, nothing to see here.

-- Paul Clarke

Satori - being one with the box. :)

All cats like boxes, but not all boxes like cats.

In the first story I ever sold, I had a kzin sleeping in clean laundry.

I never have found out if anyone picked up on that.


It's Teacher's Pet, in volume XI of the Man-Kzin Wars series. I think it's still for sale on Amazon, and it certainly is at (Fortunately. I have never been able to find any of my work in a used-book store.)

Fortunately. I have never been able to find any of my work in a used-book store.

I don't think fortunately is necessarily the right word there, because a lot of people find new authors via used book shelves.

That was not a comma. The fortunate part is availability for sale SOME damn where, not its absence from what is, at least, my own favorite place for finding the strange and nifty.

I suppose it could be deemed flattering, but that's cold comfort. People who seek out used books are the archaeologists of literacy. (Which makes Tom Reamy Tutankhamen, except that my discovery of a copy of BLIND VOICES was not accompanied by a lethal fungal infection.)

That is one seriously satisfied-looking leopard. I wonder how long it took him to get everything inside.

Not my Trixie. She's a bag girl.

"If I fitz, I sitz. Come take it away from me."


The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago has a geriatric serval (a beautiful girl). A sign on the cage said zookeepers had modified her habitat to accommodate her disabilities.

Sure enough, she was curled up quite contentedly in a cardboard box.

It really is their natural habitat. :)

I passed this picture along to my Facebook page and it's exploding around my friends network. It's quite the net fad this week.

Cats. Checky boxes. Missing actual poll buttons, but I think we know what the outcome would be. Yay!


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