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I don't know whether to be pleased or disappointed
That I can't spell "jackass" consistently but I got "Brobdingnagian" right first go.

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Brace yourself.

According to Jonathan Swift, it's Brobdingrag, not Brobdingnag. His publisher changed it.

This was in the Afterword to Gulliver's Travels, but no opprobium is likely since I am apparently the only person in the world who read the goddamn thing.

I have read speculations that that note is there as part of the joke, to lend a clearly false travel narrative verisimilitude by claiming there was a right spelling for a fictional place. That is, Swift called the place Brobdingnag and then inserted a false complaint about the name being misspelled.

I am perhaps marked for life biased due to Tor's alterations of The Goliath Stone.

But is that because of the book or the band?


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