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Seeing Ear Theatre: The Flat Edge of the Earth - Part 1 & Part 2 (Brian Smith and Terry Bisson)
The Flat Edge of the Earth - Part 1
The Flat Edge of the Earth - Part 2

In contrast to Alice, I listened to this the whole way through for reasons that escape me. A man and woman, one blind, one seeing, both annoying as hell, are unlucky enough to be on a plane forced to try landing at sea. They find themselves alone together in a strange environment and are forced to find their way through it to their SUBTLE FORESHADOWING final destination.

Yeah, the twist ending is exactly what you think it might be. But at least it's long, right?

I do have to say it is inconsistent to assert one must be dead and in hell *and* also claim to have no religious beliefs.

No idea who was in this.

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Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig.

Thank you.

I think I've hated pretty much every Terry Bisson story that appeared in Seeing Ear. Hrm.

How do you feel about Terry Bisson stories that aren't presented as radio dramas?

I was mildly annoyed by needlessly bad orbital mechanics in his Reality Show on Mars book. Didn't mind Bears Discover Fire. Not really that well read on Bisson, I think.

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