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Seeing Ear Theater: Alice In Wonderland - Part 1 & Part 2 (Lewis Carroll)
Alice In Wonderland - Part 1
Alice In Wonderland - Part 2

This an adaptation of the famous work by Carroll. I will admit I am not a Carroll fan and I stopped listening about 20 minutes into the first part. As far as I recall, the part I listened to seemed to be a faithful adaptation and by dint of not being directed by Tim Borton and not having Johnny Depp in it far superior to the 2010 movie.

Lili Taylor as Alice
Rebecca Nice as The Queen of Hearts
Alissa Hunnicutt as The Duchess & Doormouse
Dick Rodstein as Mad Hatter
Chris Phillips as March Hare
George Zarr as Gryphon & Knave
Merwin Goldsmith as Cheshire Cat
Tim Jerome as French Mouse & Mock-Turtle
Bill Raymond as Caterpillar & The King
Simon Jones as Charles Dodgson & White Rabbit

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