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At the risk of sounding like one of *those* people
I have to wonder if perhaps the limits of reasonable accommodation have been reached for Margaret Wente, who is railing here against the decisions parents make freely, seemingly in the cause of curtailing children's education. There must be nations that would suit her better than Canada.

On the plus side, as yet there is no reason to think she plagiarized this essay. Good for her.

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Ah, the "Cut & Paste", Canada's shining beacon of journalistic excellence.

Why is she so exercised about French immersion classes for 4-5-year-olds? The younger you are, the easier it is to learn a language, and the more effective immersion is. She doesn't make sense.

That is vintage Margaret Wente right there, though. She types lots of words that seem to be English but from which nobody can discern actual meaning. It may all be coded signals to her alien lizard masters; we just can't tell.

I like her because she makes George Fwill seem coherent by comparison. Also, because we unloaded her onto Canada instead of being stuck with her here in the US.

No, she makes perfect sense. The more effective French immersion is, the less she likes it.

In Ottawa, it makes the difference between getting a job or not, especially in non-technical / service positions or almost anything in the public sector. No wonder several local schools are 80% immersion.

There are many reasons for parents to put their kids in French immersion, but I doubt that it's only streaming. More likely -- even in Alberta or BC -- trying to give their kids just a little bit more that will help them succeed.

What I really noticed in Wente's article was the scare-factor wording. Also the fact that this is a Very Old argument. Surely she could find something newer to say.

"Surely she could find something newer" for someone else to have said.

Fixed that for you.

I'm hardly a Wente fan, but ????.

Wente has a history of plagiarism. Thus, the joke.

IME, every graduate I've met from French immersion (here in Southwestern Ontario) has had appallingly poor English language skills. Since there's no linguistic privilege quite like native-English-speaker privilege, I can sort of see the point of hating on French immersion. Excellent English and mediocre anything else will get you a lot further than mediocre English and mediocre French.

I say this as someone who is currently taking immersion-style classes in a foreign language. On the other hand, I'm not a child and I'm already hyperfluent in English; I can afford it.

Yup, that's a relevant concern. I think that's what middle or late immersion were supposed to address, but those are not implemented as frequently as early immersion.

I would also note that excellent English skills have got ME exactly nowhere.

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