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Step Two: Find a lawyer expensive enough to shove this fact in GW's face.

The Popehat Signal has been sent up; I'm told it has produced good results (as in, lawyers taking on the case pro bono) in the past.

Yes, Popehat does this sort of thing routinely.


Looks like the story is getting some wider publicity.

Even better, it's hit The Guardian.

The MSM is starting to pay attention to this. Given the narrative of "Housewife vs. Big Corporation" this can only work in Hogarth's favor.

And it goes that far if, and only if, Hogarth's novel uses "Space Marines" to refer to the Warhammer 40,000 variety of Space Marines.

All the W40K space marines are male, right?

The Spots character is a woman.

I"m late as usual, but I saw an entertainment show on tv talking about a game, not as far as I can tell at all associated with GW, called Aliens: Space Marines. The group of marines sent to rescue the Marines in Alien.

It's "Aliens: Colonial Marines". "Colonial marines" has been the term that's been used for the space marines in the Alien franchise since they first showed up on the space marine transport with all their space marine equipment to go into battle as space marines versus the xenomorphs. Like space marines have been battling aliens since space marines first showed up in the 1930s, only predating Warhammer 40K by a mere half-century.

I know that. And the show called the game Aliens: Space Marines and the guy from the game company called it Aliens: Space Marines. So I await the announcement from GW.

GW has removed the entry from their Facebook page.

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